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G.e.t. 工程案例 | 东莞 · 万科城凯旋半岛琥珀郡 G.e.t. Case |... Monday
G.e.t. Casa 新品 | 質感水泥系列瓷磚 G.e.t. Casa New Product |... Mon 03:14 PM 11-Nov-2019
G.e.t. 工程案例 | 廣州 · 新世界花園別墅 G.e.t. Case | Guangzhou・ The... Mon 03:00 PM 28-Oct-2019
G.e.t. Casa 新品 | 名品大理石系列瓷磚 G.e.t. Casa New Product |... Fri 11:17 AM 18-Oct-2019
G.e.t. Casa 新品 | 鐵影系列瓷磚 G.e.t. Casa New Product |... Wed 10:59 AM 09-Oct-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you a Happy China’s National Day! Tue 10:00 AM 01-Oct-2019
G.e.t. Casa 新品 | 新水泥系列瓷磚 G.e.t. Casa New Product | ... Thu 03:59 PM 26-Sep-2019
G.e.t. Casa 新品 | 法式橡木系列瓷磚 G.e.t. Casa New Product | ... Thu 11:29 AM 19-Sep-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Fri 10:29 AM 13-Sep-2019
G.e.t. Casa 新品 | 水泥藝術系列瓷磚 G.e.t. Casa New Product | ... Tue 10:59 AM 10-Sep-2019
G.e.t. Casa 新品 | 典雅大理石系列瓷磚 G.e.t. Casa New Product | ... Wed 03:00 PM 21-Aug-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you a Happy Chinese Valentine's Day! Wed 10:29 AM 07-Aug-2019
G.e.t. Casa | 榮獲香港政府頒發「香港綠色機構認證」Hong Kong Green... Mon 09:51 AM 05-Aug-2019
G.e.t. Casa活動 | 東西方美學的激情碰撞 G.e.t. Casa Activity | East... Fri 03:03 PM 02-Aug-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you a Happy Father's Day ! Sun 09:07 AM 16-Jun-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you a Dragon Boat Festival! Fri 09:28 AM 07-Jun-2019
G.e.t. 工程案例 | 廣州 · 保利云禧李宅 G.e.t. Case | Guangzhou・ Chief... Fri 09:24 AM 24-May-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Sun 10:04 AM 12-May-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you a Happy Labor Day! Wed 09:30 AM 01-May-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you a Happy Easter Day ! Sun 09:49 AM 21-Apr-2019
G.e.t. 工程案例 | 廣州 · 金湖翡翠山私宅 G.e.t. Case | Guangzhou・... Thu 09:50 AM 28-Mar-2019
G.e.t. 工程案例 | 香港・甘潮 G.e.t. Case | Hongkong・Kim Chiu Thu 10:34 AM 21-Mar-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you a Happy Women's Day ! Fri 09:38 AM 08-Mar-2019
G.e.t. Casa wish you Happy lantern festival ! Tue 09:30 AM 19-Feb-2019
G.e.t. 工程案例 | 廣州 · 尚東君御 G.e.t. Case | Guangzhou · Shangdong Thu 03:38 PM 18-Oct-2018
G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛 學生組獲獎作品|星空境林 G.e.t. LoveIN The Winning... Wed 11:25 AM 10-Oct-2018
G.e.t. Casa 工程案例 | 上海 · 招商海廷別墅 Shanghai · Royal Sea Villa Wed 09:53 AM 03-Oct-2018
G.e.t. Casa 榮獲 「香港最優秀企業大獎 Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding... Thu 10:10 PM 27-Sep-2018
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋快樂! Mon 09:38 AM 24-Sep-2018
G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛 The Winning Entries| 小紅帽 A LITTLE RED HAT Sat 02:02 PM 22-Sep-2018

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