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G.e.t. Casa向所有勞動者致敬!

Thanks for all your hard work, let us recreate our wonderful world.
G.e.t. Casa salutes all working people!


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成立於1998年,G.e.t. Casa現時已是進口瓷磚及木地板行業中的領先成員之一。秉承著「時尚生活·時尚品味」的宗旨,我們一直致力為客戶蒐羅意大利時尚和高質的瓷磚和優質歐洲原裝木地板產品。我們獲得由綜合商業媒體CORPHUB頒發的「大中華年度最具信譽建築裝飾材料供應商」、「香港最優秀企業大獎」,由香港社會服務聯會頒發的「商界展關懷」標誌,由香港亞洲品牌發展協會頒發的「香港最受歡迎品牌」等多個獎項和榮譽,以表彰G.e.t. Casa在建築裝飾材料行業及社會中的出色成就和貢獻。

Established in 1998, G.e.t. Casa is one of the leading members in the industry of imported tile and wood flooring. Adhering to “Beyond Living, Beyond Lifestyle”, we are committed to searching Italian-made, fashionable and high quality tiles and European wood flooring products for our customers. We are awarded the " Greater China's Most Reputed Building Decorative Materials Distributor " and the "Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Awards" by CORPHUB, the "Caring Company" issued by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the "Hong Kong Famous Brands" and others awards and honors, to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of Get Casa in the industry and society.


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