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Tired of battery capacity drop fast problem ? Thu 02:18 PM 13-Jun-2019
NCC PRO , upgrade NCC ESR LCD, NOW on hot selling ! Thu 06:24 PM 30-May-2019
For iphone Camera and charging port flex - bizbee james Tue 10:17 AM 28-May-2019
For iphone Camera and charging port flex - bizbee james Mon 06:31 PM 27-May-2019
Incell high copy lcd,original quality but high copy... Wed 05:21 PM 08-May-2019
Some multi-function tool to repair the lcd function... Sun 02:32 PM 28-Apr-2019
Samsung oled original lcd, you will regret to miss - james Thu 04:24 PM 25-Apr-2019
High copy 8G 8P lcd with true tone function- bizbee james Mon 06:39 PM 22-Apr-2019
Broken iPhone Original LCD Recycle / buyback from Bizbee... Tue 05:10 PM 16-Apr-2019
Some battery secret you will be glad to know-bizbee james Sat 12:11 PM 13-Apr-2019

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