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Since the high copy lcd come out years ago. Customers all find out that the aftermarket is really chaos . For there are too many different quality high copy lcd .

Customers don't know which one is better, could only to test it one by one, one supplier by another supplier.  Cost lots of time and money.

People all knows that original lcd is best . Why? Because it's structure, brightness, function, all perfect fit together.

Now let's analyze the lcd sctructure. We all knows that the original lcd screen is incell sctructure.

And on the market most of the high copy lcd is out cell sctructure.

Out cell structure divide into G+G structure and G+F structure.

Now let's compare the different between G+G and incell lcd screen , G+F and incell lcd screen

For structure different, incell lcd screen will be more thin than out cell lcd screen can perfect fit the phone.

And incell lcd screen function more stable than out-cell lcd screen. That's why still lots of customer like original lcd screen.

Now we have high copy incell lcd screen, quality very similar to original, but price much more cheaper than original lcd.

Bellow is our incell high copy lcd price for you:

  • 6S Incell-----20.7$
  • 6SP Incell---29.3$
  • 7G Incell----26.9$
  • 7P Incell-----32$
  • 8G Incell-----27.8$
  • 8P Incell-----32$
Below is one of our Australia wholesale customer feedback on our incell lcd screen.

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