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We are a large PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen.

1.We are good at  quick turn PCB ,small batch PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, high difficulty PCB. At the same time, we also have great advantages in mass production. Our company have  24 hours  service everyday.
2.Our factory is over 50000 square meters. Our monthly production capacity is over 60000 square meters.

3.We can produce Flex-PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, HDI boards, High TG boards, FR4, Rogers ,gold finger PCB, High frequnce PCB,multi-layer PCB from 1 to 40 layers and so on. 
One of our products:  6 Layer Rigid-flex Fr4 PCB. 
Product parameters

Layer: 6
Board Thickness(mm): 1.6
Copper Thickness(oz): 1
Surface Treatment: Immersion gold au=1u''
Solder Mask: TOP Green BOT Green
Silk Screen: TOP White BOT White
Test: Flying
Min Width(mil): 4.2
Min Spacing(mil): 5.7
Min Hole Diameter(mm): 0.2
Aspect Ratio: 8 

Please send gerber to me if you need PCBs.

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Whatsapp: +8615013534429

ISO 9001:2008 + ISO 14001:2004 Sira Certification UL:E525352
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