Dear Sir:
This is Winston from TaiLi PCB.   We are a professional PCB manufacturer in SHENZHEN.
Technical capacity:
 layer count:                          1-40
Min finished size:                  10*10mm
Thickness tolorance :             0.1mm
Min insulation thikness:        0.05mm
Board type:                            Special/Ceramic/Mixed pressure/Thick copper board
Production cycle:                     
2 layer:                                    24hours
4-8layer:                                 48hours
10-14layer:                              72hours
over 20 layers                             according to actual situation

We can produce many kinds of difficult PCBs such as Rigid-Flex PCB, HDI PCB, RF PCB and so on.

If you need please send gerber file to us.

Besides, we can also do full-turnkey PCB assembly. As soon as full-turnkey PCB assembly is determined,

an overall assembly quotation and indispensible issues prohibiting smooth manufacturing will be raised so that

three times of communication have been cut to one time with electronic assembly efficiency dramatically improved.

Another advantage of full-turnkey PCB assembly service is overall cost reduction.

Pack-up service is usually cheaper than separate ones as far as electronic assembly is concerned.

At least, freight fee will be saved because you don't need to get manufactured PCB boards and electronic

components delivered to assembly workshop. 

All of the items according to ISO and UL standard certificate can be supplied with reasonable price.

welcome to visit our factory and free samples will be sent for your evaluation.

Please send gerber file to me, we will quote for you.

Best  regards


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Whatsapp: +8615013534429

ISO 9001:2008 + ISO 14001:2004 Sira Certification UL:E525352
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