Dear   sir
I am Winston from Taili Company. I am very glad to received your letter.  We are a large PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen.
Our company have  24 hours  service everyday.
1.We are good at  quick turn PCB ,small batch PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, high difficulty PCB. At the same time, we also have great advantages in mass production. 
2.We can Cash on delivery for customers and have 30 payment days. 
We have three factories, all located in Shenzhen, and the specific addresses can be found on our website at

Our factory is over 50000 square meters.
Our monthly production capacity is over 60000 square meters.
We have many certifications include UL, ISO9001, 1SO14001, SVHC, and so on.
We can produce Flex-PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, HDI boards, High TG boards, FR4, Rogers , multi-layer PCB from 1 to 40 layers and so on.
Can we start a business in the future?

please send gerber file to me!

Winston      Whatsapp: +8615013534429