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World's Best Thermal Imaging Rugged Phone -Blackview BL9000 Pro
What Has Been Upgraded from BL8800 Pro?

July 1, 2024

Recently, Blackview, an innovative tech brand, partnered with leading thermal imaging device manufacturer Flir® to launch their best thermal imaging phone ever, the BL9000 Pro, which represents a comprehensive upgrade over the previous BL8800 Pro two years ago. Compared to its predecessor, BL9000 Pro integrates FLIR's best thermal module FLIR® Lepton® 3.5, and the industry-leading MyFLIR® Pro app. Beyond thermal imaging prowess, enhancements span hardware, software, and camera features. Sporting a 5G MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chipset, the BL9000 Pro boasts 50 MP front and rear cameras, a seamless 120Hz display, rapid 120W charging, and dual Harman Kardon speakers fine-tuned by Harman AudioEFX®. Additionally, it also comes pre-loaded with the DokeOS 4.0 based on Android 14.

No.1 Upgrade to the World's Top Thermal Imaging Camera

-With FLIR's Best Thermal Module FLIR® Lepton® 3.5 and MyFLIR® Pro App

In collaboration with FLIR, the world leader in thermal imaging, the BL9000 Pro features the best thermal imaging camera module in the world, FLIR® Lepton® 3.5, alongside the industry-leading thermal imaging software, MyFLIR® Pro app.

1. The World's Best Thermal Imaging Camera Module: FLIR® Lepton® 3.5

Compared to the BL8800 Pro, BL9000 Pro features FLIR's best thermal imaging camera module, the FLIR® Lepton® 3.5. It delivers the highest thermal resolution in its field, with a 4x increase in thermal imaging pixel clarity compared to the FLIR® Lepton® 2.5, and offers the widest thermal view field ever in a thermal phone, with a 57° thermal FOV(Field of View).

Thermal Imaging Blackview BL8800 Pro Blackview BL9000 Pro
Module FLIR® Lepton 2.5 FLIR® Lepton 3.5
Resolution 80x60 160x120
Horizontal FOV 50° 57°

1.1 The Highest Thermal Resolution (4x increase in thermal imaging pixel clarity)

A major difference between the two is thermal imaging resolution. The FLIR® Lepton 2.5 in the BL8800 Pro has a resolution of only 80x60 pixels, whereas the FLIR® Lepton 3.5 in the BL9000 Pro offers a thermal imaging resolution that is 4 times higher, at 160x120 pixels, making it the highest thermal resolution available. Is this a big deal? You can see a big difference below.

1.2 The Widest Thermal Field of View  ( The Largest 57° Thermal FOV  Ever).

Another distinction lies in the Field of View. The FLIR® Lepton 2.5 in the BL8800 Pro offers a 50° horizontal FOV, whereas the FLIR® Lepton 3.5 in the BL9000 Pro extends up to 57°, making more contents captured within the same frame.

2. The Industry-leading Thermal Imaging Software: MyFLIR® Pro App

On the software side, the MyFLIR Pro app on the BL9000 Pro offers distinct advantages as an industry-leading thermal imaging app. The upgrade focuses on significant enhancements in features and tools. Plus, it supports the enterprise-grade Teledyne FLIR Mobile SDK for developers to build and extend software applications on a specific platform.

2.1 Features: More Professional Thermal Imaging

On the Blackview BL9000 Pro, MyFLIR Pro app has added several enhanced thermal imaging features. These include enhanced  FLIR MSX* for clearer images, new MSX* strength adjustment for fine-tuning MSX strength, VividIR™ for sharper image quality, and visible/thermal alpha blending for adjustable levels between visible and thermal images.

Feature BL8800 Pro -MyFLIR App BL9000 Pro -MyFLIR Pro App
FLIR MSX* ✔Enhanced
MSX On/Off ✔Enhanced
MSX* Strength Adjustment ✔Adjustable Levels
Visible/Thermal Alpha Blending ✔Adjustable Levels

2.1.1 Enhanced-FLIR MSX*

FLIR MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) is a tech that blends thermal imaging with visible spectrum imagery to create a detailed image that provides more clarity. While both support the FLIR MSX* feature, the MyFLIR Pro app on BL9000 Pro offers enhanced FLIR MSX with a higher resolution of 160x120 pixels, which improves image clarity and makes it easier to identify and interpret thermal anomalies.

2.1.2 Enhanced-MSX On/Off

Similar to the MyFLIR app, the Pro version app on BL9000 Pro allows users to toggle the MSX feature on and off, but benefits from enhanced MSX quality, making this feature even more impactful.

2.1.3 New-MSX* Strength Adjustment

While the MyFLIR app on BL8800 Pro does not support MSX* strength adjustment, the Pro version app on BL9000 Pro includes this feature with adjustable levels, offering greater customization as needed. The farther right you swipe, the higher the clarity.

2.1.4 New-FLIR VividIR™

FLIR VividIR™ enhances thermal image contrast and detail, resulting in clearer thermal images. As shown below, the BL9000 Pro integrates VividIR™ into the MyFLIR Pro app for more precise infrared imaging. With VividIR™ enabled on the BL9000 Pro, character outlines are significantly sharper than before, as demonstrated below.

2.1.5 New-Adjustable Visible / Thermal Alpha Blending  Levels

Visible / Thermal Alpha Blending allows the blending of visible light images with thermal images at different transparency levels. MyFLIR Pro app on BL9000 Pro allows users to adjust these blending levels of visible/thermal images for optimal viewing as required.

Dragging to the left shows the naked-eye view, while moving right blends more with thermal imaging, revealing greater temperature differences. This is especially useful for troubleshooting to quickly identify where temperature anomalies seen in thermal mode correspond to in the naked-eye view.

2.2 Tools: More Practical Thermal Imaging

Additionally, the MyFLIR Pro app on BL9000 Pro introduces more thermal imaging tools such as more spot meters, more adjustable and moveable measurement tools with min/max flags, along with temperature alerts for prompt temperature detection with analysis reports generation.

Tools BL8800 Pro -MyFLIR App BL9000 Pro -MyFLIR Pro App
Spot Meters 3 5
Line Profile ✔Horizontal
Circle ✔One Size Adjustable
Moveable (locked size) ROI
Min /Max flags
Isotherm ✔Under, Span, Over
Temperature Alert
Hold icon help
Palettes (9)

2.2.1 More Spot Meters

Moving on to measurement tools, the MyFLIR app on BL8800 Pro includes only 3 spot meters for measuring the temperature at three specific points in the thermal image. MyFLIR Pro on Blackview BL9000 Pro offers 5 spot meters, giving users the ability to measure temperature at more points simultaneously

2.2.2 New-Horizontal Lines

The MyFLIR app on BL8800 Pro lacks the line measurement tool, unlike the MyFLIR Pro app on BL9000 Pro, which boasts horizontal/vertical lines for temperature measurement. This allows for a thorough measurement of temperature fluctuations along a chosen line, making it valuable for pinpointing thermal gradients and patterns.

2.2.3 New-Adjustable Circle

The MyFLIR app on BL8800 Pro does not provide a circle measurement tool. MyFLIR Pro app on BL9000 Pro introduces a circle tool with adjustable size for measuring temperatures within circular areas, enhancing detailed thermal inspections.

2.2.4 New-Moveable (locked size) ROI

Moreover, the MyFLIR Pro app on BL9000 Pro supports moveable and locked size regions of interest (ROI) for precise measurements in dynamic environments. Users can choose to either lock the ROI in a static area or track dynamic targets by moving the ROI as needed.

2.2.5 New-Min /Max flags

Additionally, BL9000 Pro’s MyFLIR Pro app features min/max temperature flags to pinpoint extreme temperatures in thermal images, a feature absent in the MyFLIR app. By highlighting these extremes, users can more effectively prioritize areas that need immediate attention, ensuring timely interventions and reducing the risk of failures.

2.2.6 New-Isotherm

Advanced features like isotherm settings (Under, Span, Over) on BL9000 Pro enable detailed temperature range analysis, which is crucial for anomaly detection. By clearly setting specific temperature ranges, users can quickly detect issues and take action, improving efficiency, safety, and reliability in troubleshooting.

2.2.7  New-Temperature Alert

What makes it even more impressive is the inclusion of a temperature alert function on BL9000 Pro, which notifies users when preset temperature thresholds in isotherm are exceeded or fall below. Plus, this feature also generates a report for further analysis.

2.2.8 New-Hold Icon Help

What’s more, the MyFLIR Pro app on BL9000 Pro includes the feature of hold icon help, so that users can long-press icons to view related information, making it easier for users to utilize the tool effectively and efficiently.

2.2.9 Palettes (9)

Both BL8800 Pro and BL9000 Pro support 9 different palettes for various imaging needs.

2.2.10 Rjpeg

Both the BL8800 Pro and BL9000 Pro support Rjpeg (Radiometric JPEG) format, allowing thermal images to be saved with embedded temperature data for each pixel. This enables users to analyze and measure temperature values at any point within the image.

3. Enterprise-grade Teledyne FLIR Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) Support

In addition, BL9000 Pro supports enterprise-grade Teledyne FLIR Mobile SDK, which is a collection of tools, libraries, sample code, and documentation designed to assist developers in building and extending software applications. Enterprises in the field like the national power grid, personal farming, and others can experience personalized solutions development to meet their unique requirements for troubleshooting.

No.2 Upgrade to The Most Advanced 5G Thermal Imaging Rugged Phone

-5G Hyper-speed Chipset & Up to 36 GB RAM & 512GB ROM

1. The Highest AnTuTu Score Ever in Thermal Rugged Phone (Dimensity 8020)

Another significant area where the BL9000 Pro outperforms the BL8800 Pro is in its chipset. While the BL8800 Pro is powered by the octa-core Dimensity 700 5G chipset from MediaTek, the BL9000 Pro boasts the more advanced octa-core Dimensity 8020 5G chipset. On paper, the Dimensity 8020 in the BL9000 Pro sees a 107.70% higher score on the AnTuTu benchmark (819,174 versus 394,395).

2. The Largest RAM and ROM Ever in a Thermal Rugged Phone (36GB+512GB)

Inside, the BL8800 Pro comes with 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.1 ROM, and the BL9000 Pro offers more RAM at 12GB of LPDDR4X  and more ROM at 512GB of UFS 3.1. Do note that UFS 3.1 offers faster data read and write speeds compared to UFS 2.1, significantly enhancing system responsiveness and application loading speeds. Additionally,  BL9000 Pro supports up to 24GB of virtual memory expansion, allowing for a maximum of 36GB of RAM, ensuring smoother multitasking.

Model Blackview BL8800 Pro Blackview BL9000 Pro
Processor MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G MediaTek Dimensity 8020 5G
Cores qty Octa-core Octa-core
GPU ARM Mali Natt MC2 ARM G77 MC9 836MHz

No.3 Upgrade to Top Dual 50 MP AI-Powered Rugged Phone

-Dual 50 MP AI-Powered Cameras Powered by ArcSoft® 8.0 Algorithm

1. Larger Pixel Size in Rear Main Camera
50 MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1→50MP Samsung® ISOCELL GN5

When it comes to cameras, the BL8800 Pro sports a 50 MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 main camera, with a pixel size of 0.64μm and an optical format of 1/2.76". BL9000 Pro, by comparison, has a 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL GN5 main camera, with a larger pixel size of 1.0μm and an optical format of 1/1.57", thus capturing more details and richer colors. Besides the main camera, the BL8800 Pro and BL9000 Pro also differ from one another, of course, by their rear camera systems. BL8800 Pro offers a FLIR® Lepton® 2.5 thermal imaging lens, a 5MP thermal auxiliary lens, and two 2MP depth lenses compared to BL9000 Pro's FLIR® Lepton® 3.5 thermal imaging lens and a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens(120° Ultra-wide & up to 2cm Ultra-macro).

2. Higher Resolution in Front Main Camera
16MP Samsung® ISOCELL 3P9→50MP SK Hynix 5022Q

The front camera is another point for BL9000 Pro with its 50MP SK Hynix 5022Q camera, while BL8800 Pro features a 16MP Samsung® ISOCELL 3P9 camera. The significant difference in pixels means that the BL9000 Pro is capable of capturing more details and producing clearer images.

3. More Camera Modes+ 4K Video Recording +All-new AI Photo Editing Features
18% Better Photography with All-new ArcSoft® 8.0 Algorithm

On the camera modes front, the photography results from the BL9000 Pro still outperform those of the BL8800 Pro. Although both the BL8800 Pro and the BL9000 Pro offer many of the same camera modes, such as HDR 2.0, Night Mode 2.0, AI Beauty Mode, and Portrait Mode, the BL9000 Pro enhances photography results by 18% thanks to support from ArcSoft® 8 Algorithms. Regarding video capabilities, the BL8800 Pro can shoot in 1080P with the front camera and 2K with the rear camera, whereas the BL9000 Pro can shoot in 4K with both front and rear cameras. The new thing is that Google brings its AI photo editing features to the users of BL9000 Pro, making photography a magic thing. Magic Eraser, Sky Suggestions, Colour Pop, Portrait Blur, Portrait Light, and more features await your exploration.

No.4 Upgrade to  The Smoothest Thermal Phone Powered by Android 14!

-Soother Operation with Upgraded DokeOS 4.0  Based on the Latest Android 14

Suffice it to say that when it comes to the operating system, the BL8800 Pro significantly lags behind the BL9000 Pro. The BL8800 Pro comes with DokeOS 3.0 based on Android 11. In contrast, the BL9000 Pro comes pre-installed with DokeOS 4.0 based on Android 14. Right out of the box, BL9000 Pro is ready to handle all the common tasks someone typically uses their smartphone for. What the Blackview BL9000 Pro does is to offer a suite of software and features, exclusive to Blackview devices, that enhance usability. Features such as live caption for real-time translation, screen attention to keep the display on when you are looking at it, and a magnifying glass for easy viewing of small text, prove to be truly practical. Other than that, a bunch of new software will impress you a lot. Apps like the Easyshare app can transfer files at a speed of 7.7MB/s without a network connection, and the Workspace can divide your phone space into work and life, separating work and life data. But perhaps the best part of BL9000 Pro is to customize your phone only yours. You can customize themes, choose your favorite lock screen and icon colors, and organize the desktop using large folders and widgets. According to Blackview, BL9000 Pro achieves faster app startup and smoother performance thanks to a series of self-developed techs such as smart pre-loading, Atomic Memory 2.0 tech, and  Focus Computing.

No.5  Upgrade to The Fastest Charging Thermal Imaging Phone

1. One Charge Lasts Up to 24 Days(8800mAh battery)

We have to say, the Blackview BL8800 Pro and Blackview BL9000 Pro are both battery beasts. The former boasts a battery capacity of 8380mAh, while the latter comes with a whopping 8800mAh battery. Funnily enough, the BL8800 Pro seems to beat the BL9000 Pro in our game, call, and standby tests, while the BL9000 Pro takes the win in the web browsing and music category. This might have something to do with other hardware configurations.

2. Only 15 Minutes to Reach 50% Power(120W charging)

What else separates the BL8800 Pro from the BL9000 Pro? It’s the charging speed. According to battery tests, the BL8800 Pro's 33W fast charging takes 1.5 hours for a full charge, while the BL9000 Pro's 120W charging only takes 15 minutes to reach 50% charge and just 53 minutes for a complete charge. By the way, both models support reverse charging.

No.6 Upgrade to The Top Audio-Visual  Setup in Thermal Imaging Phone

1. The High-end Professional Speakers in Phone(Harman Kardon speaker)

A notable difference between the two phones is observed in their speakers. The BL8800 Pro has only one speaker, while the BL9000 Pro holds two. Two speakers of BL9000 Pro, aside from being Harman Kardon speakers, are also tuned by Harman AudioEFX® with different modes for music, movies, games, and voice calling.

2. Butter-smooth Display Refresh Rate:(60Hz/90Hz/120Hz)

On the front, the BL9000 Pro retains the same hole-punch displays as the BL8800 Pro, but this time, they vary slightly in size. The BL8800 Pro offers a 6.583-inch screen while the BL9000 Pro goes up to 6.78  inches. Along with being bigger, the BL9000 Pro is also clearer with a resolution of 1080*2460, comparable to the BL8800 Pro's resolution of 1080*2408, with little difference. As far as the display goes, another big change is the refresh rate. While the BL8800 Pro refreshes at old-school 60Hz, the BL9000 Pro supports three refresh rates: 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz, allowing for smooth scrolling and more immersive graphics.

No.7 The Ultimate Elegance in Rugged Thermal Imaging Phones!

1. The Most Exquisite Thermal Imaging Phone

At first glance, Blackview BL9000 Pro largely inherits the rugged phone style of the Blackview BL8800 Pro. Yet, upon closer examination, the camera modules of both phones are positioned in the upper center, with the BL8800 Pro featuring a hexagonal design while the BL9000 Pro adopts a circular design surrounded by metal frames and screws for added protection, enhancing its durability against drops. Material-wise, the BL9000 Pro has undergone a noticeable upgrade compared to the BL8800 Pro, featuring a composite panel material with a textured surface, giving it a more premium feel.

2. The Most Durable Thermal Imaging Phone on the Market!

Honestly, the rugged phone of BL8800 Pro and BL9000 Pro mostly delivers on their promise of ruggedness. Firstly, both models achieve IP68 and IP69K ratings. This means they can not only operate normally in water up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes but also withstand high-pressure water jets, making them excellent choices for outdoor adventures or extreme weather conditions. Regarding dust and shock resistance, both models are MIL-STD-810H certified, indicating their ability to function normally in various harsh environments. Whether facing sandstorms or accidental drops, they provide solid protection. Notably, the BL9000 Pro further strengthens its screen protection by adopting the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7 (Victus®) instead of  Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 in BL8800 Pro, significantly enhancing its resistance to drops and scratches, making it perform even better when facing accidental drops and daily wear and tear. Function-wise, both the BL8800 Pro and BL9000 Pro boast various practical features such as glove mode, underwater camera mode, and a multifunctional toolbox, enhancing usability and providing more convenience for users.

Model Blackview BL8800 Pro Blackview BL9000 Pro
Waterproof Rating IP68 & IP69K IP68 & IP69K
Dustproof &Drop Proof MIL-STD-810H MIL-STD-810H
Scratch Proof Glass Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7(Victus®)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C -20°C to +60°C

Summary-Which is Better?

Which one should you get, then? As you can see from the full comparison we did, the results are clear. The BL9000 Pro outperforms the BL8800 Pro in almost every performance metric. If you want the best thermal imaging rugged phone with fully upgraded performance, you should go for the BL9000 Pro.

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