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Blackview HERO 10 Globally Launches on AliExpress with Dual Screens, 108MP Camera & Android Dynamic Island! To Be the Cheapest Flip Phone!

May 19th, 2024

Driven by its innovative DNA while with an emphasis on sturdiness in product quality, Blackview , a pioneering technology brand specializing in smart devices, announced that its first flip smartphone, the Blackview HERO 10, is set to launch, marking its step further in the smartphone arena with experience that traditional slab-style phones can't offer. According to official sources, it is set to undercut foldable brands like Samsung and Huawei to democratize flip phones as the world's cheapest foldable phone. Though at an affordable price point, it is highly configured. It integrates a 6.9-inch foldable AMOLED main display that withstands over 250,000 folds and a versatile cover screen. Besides, it features a powerful 108MP camera module and a 32 MP front-facing camera, all enhanced by the ArcSoft 9.0 algorithm, delivering impressive camera performance. Considering that 5G networks are still expensive for their lower penetration than mainstream 4G networks, while ensuring seamless performance for users, Blackview chose a 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 SoC at its helm, which stands out as a top-class 4G chipset yet with 5G-level performance. Also, the operating system has been tailor-made for its foldable form factor, with the newer DokeOS 4.0 operating system introducing Split View and Android Dynamic Island, the dynamic Live View, and is based on Android 13 instead, which is more stable than the current Android 14, which will be soon upgraded in June or so with major Android version updates for three years in a row guaranteed to ensure stable, updated Android experience. Packing all these, including Split View, powerful 108 MP camera capability, and even more, in a stylish, compact, foldable body, it goes beyond imagination to see magic happening in the day-to-day multitasking and shooting experience to empower a novel foldable, dual-screen lifestyle like no other.

Of note, though touted to be the most budget flip smartphone globally, it carries a plethora of cutting-edge technologies from Blackview across design, display, camera capability, operating system, performance, and battery, which also makes it expected to be among the best flip phones in its price bracket. Designed for both durability and a good-looking appearance, it has an aerospace-grade body covered with vegan leather, embodying elegance with simplicity. It has dual screens: a 6.9-inch foldable AMOLED main display with 2.5K high resolution, ranked among the most expansive screens in the clamshell-style foldables and a 1.19-inch versatile circular OLED cover screen. It boasts a flagship-level 108 MP main camera, accompanied by an 8 MP ultra-wide camera with 120° field of view, and a 32 MP self-facing camera for perfect selfies, all enhanced by the latest Arcsoft 9.0 algorithm with 18% better photographic results for shooting, night or day. Plus, tailored for its clamshell form factor, it features FlexForm camera mode, which helps deliver a DV shooting experience and opens up more possibilities for creative shooting. Highlighted is that it runs the stable Android 13 with DokeOS 4.0, introduced with the iPhone's Dynamic Island-like Live View and Split View for efficient and fluid multitasking. Besides, Blackview promises major Android version updates for three years in succession. It is powered by a 6nm G99 SoC, one of the most powerful 4G SoCs with premium 5G-level performance, paired with up to 36GB of RAM (12GB physical and 24GB virtual) and 256GB of ROM. For enhanced battery life and charging efficiency, it houses a 4000mAh battery under the hood, which consists of two batteries, and it supports 45W fast charging. Utilizing the industrial-leading waterdrop-shaped hinge design, it is tested by Blackview to be durable even after 250,000 folds. Every fold and unfold paves the way for a novel foldable, dual-screen lifestyle.

Enjoy Comfortable, Immersive Viewing on Stunning 6.9-inch AMOLED Screen with Eye-comfort Care

-6.9-inch AMOLED & 94.3% screen-to-body ratio & 2560*1080 resolution & P3 wide color gamut & 1.07 billion colors & Up to 1300nits adaptive brightness & TÜV SÜD Low Blue Light certified & 1920Hz PWM dimming

Blackview HERO 10 boasts a 6.9-inch foldable AMOLED main display with razor-thin bezels that push the screen-to-body ratio to 94.3%. It has a high resolution of 2560x1080 and P3 wide color gamut and supports displaying 1.07 billion colors to reproduce life-like details with vibrant colors and sharp texts. Moreover, with care for users’ eyes, its screen has been authorized with TÜV SÜD Low Blue Light certification, and 1920Hz PWM dimming ensures users’ comfortable viewing, especially in low-lit environments. With adaptive brightness of up to 1300 nits, the screen can automatically calibrate the brightness of the screen according to the current light condition, which allows users to see clearly and comfortably even under direct sunlight.

Magic Happens When Split View Meets Foldable Screen

Catering to users' multitasking needs on the clamshell form screen, the Blackview HERO 10 is infused with Split View by the Blackview software team. While with a foldable screen, it allows users to make everything easier with an experience that traditional slab-style phones can't offer. Without a stand, users can watch films steadily on the go, while at the same time, they can chat with their friends or family, spicing up their daily lives while bringing efficiency and convenience.

Foldable Screen with Next-to-no Crease and Sturdiness for 15-year Use

-Industry-leading Waterdrop-shaped Hinge & UTG glass & Durable after 250000 folds & crease depth less than 0.17mm

While gaps between parts of the foldable phone screen when folded have been griped, the Blackview HERO 10 chose the industry-leading Waterdrop-shaped hinge design and measures a thinness of 16.25mm (8.08mm when unfolded), ensuring nearly zero gaps. Utilizing the UTG (ultra-thin glass) for flexible, easy bending as well as providing strong durability, the Blackview HERO 10 achieves a crease depth of less than 0.17mm, making sure that it is virtually creaseless for smooth viewing. Plus, its main display stands durable after 250,000 folds, ensuring over 15 years of life span for 45 times per day.

Tap to Convenience on Smart Cover Screen

In today's digital world, navigating a larger-scale display can sometimes be overwhelming with overloaded notifications, so Blackview adds a smart cover screen that's smaller with simpler, fewer notifications displayed, helping users stay focused on prioritized tasks while making sure they never miss any important notifications and calls. The Smart Cover Screen works as a shortcut for essential functions, including the latest notifications, weather forecasts, fitness data, call rejecting and receiving as well as redialing options, and so much more. Swiping left or right in the palm of the hand with only a thumb, users can instantly access them all, and it even serves as a viewfinder when taking selfies through the rear camera. Through the smart cover screen, users can also achieve music playback control. Catering to modern people with strong desires for self-expression, it also offers multiple personification options.

What's more, both screens of the Blackview HERO 10 support fingerprint unlock and face unlock to further protect users’ privacy and facilitate their everyday routine.

Foldable, Dual-screen Shooting Fun Supported by 108MP Camera

- 108MP Samsung Camera coupled with 8MP ultra-wide camera & 32MP Self-facing Camera & ArcSoft 9.0 algorithm & FlexForm Camera Mode

Capture Beauty in New Foldable, Dual-screen Way

The foldable form factor opens up more possibilities for shooting. Able to freely stop from angles ranging from 30 degrees to 150 degrees, the Blackview HERO 10, with tailor-made FlexForm camera mode when flexed, fixes without a tripod and takes photos that are always at a perfect angle in diverse shootings. Change the dimension and depth of your images, from close-ups and full-body portraits to magnificent landscapes and even more. Express your feelings through your unique vision. Flex it halfway, it also renders a retro-style DV-like shooting experience, making it an ideal handy helper for steady-handed v-logging. Besides, the smart cover screen also offers a simpler, more convenient way to shoot selfies, which even makes selfies even clearer with the sharper 108MP camera. Folded or unfolded, the Blackview HERO 10 takes quick, sharp pictures with a single tap on the volume button.

Preserving more meaningful moments with more details for users, Blackview HERO 10 comes equipped with a 108 MP Samsung main camera, accompanied by an 8 MP ultra-wide camera with a 120° field of view on the back and a 32 MP selfie camera. Integrated with advanced imaging technologies like Smart-ISO Pro for fewer motion artifacts and Nanopixel Plus with a noise level that's similar to a 1.92μm big pixel for premium camera performance during night or day, the Blackview HERO 10 captures every scene, whether in your lows or highs, or any other moments you want to share with your loved ones, with crisp details. It has your back. Enhanced with the latest ArcSoft 9.0 algorithms, it automatically adjusts blurs and noises, improving overall photographic results by 18%: retaining the charming summer night with Night mode, capturing vibrant images with better-looking details in both lights and shadows with HDR, bringing out your beauties with even-up skins with Beauty mode, making your character stand out from the crowd with Portrait mode, and retaining all the landscapes in one frame with Panorama mode. Plus, with 2K video recording with beauty mode, any moment, romantic or realistic, can be frozen in your gallery.

Elegant Flip Design: Perfect in Palm, Perfect in Pocket.

Carrying on the HERO series’ high-end taste, the Blackview HERO 10 is designed with meticulous attention to every detail. With vegan leather back cover that is reminiscent of litchi leather and aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frames with metal texture and glimmers, it is crafted to make every flip a pleasure for both users’ hand and their eyes. Weighing only 198g and measuring 75.47*168.99*8.08mm when unfolded and 75.47*87*16.25mm when folded, it perfectly fits in the palm and pocket. It offers two color options: Sakura Purple represents gentle elegance, and Eclipse Black expresses understated maturity.

The First Device with Dynamic Live View & Three-year Major Android Version Updates Guaranteed

-DokeOS 4.0 based on stable Android 13 & Split View & Dynamic Live View & three-year major Android version updates

Since the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro, which has made waves for adding Dynamic Island to its notch, which not only caters to the viewing experience but also makes interaction more seamless, in view of Android users wanting a similar user experience, Blackview software team applied Dynamic Island to HERO 10 as their first attempt, named Live View. That’s where real-time activities pop out, from battery alerts, receiving and rejecting calls, music playback control, and sound recording to even more. Users can instantly access and achieve further control and more, all without interrupting their current tasks.

What’s more, according to the official, to ensure long-term use for users, the Blackview HERO 10 will be expected to upgrade its DokeOS 4.0 based on from Android 13 to Android 14 in the latter half of this year. It is, for the first time, that products from Blackview support major Android version updates for three years in succession, marking a giant step for Blackview towards more comprehensive user experiences.

Except that, the latest DokeOS 4.0 offers a wealth of features to enhance the user experience, from Smart Scan with instant QR code scanning, Screen Attention ensuring always-on screen, Real-time Subtitle, EasyShare App with fast and network-free data or file transmission, and Focus Mode app with multiple focus modes to Workspace App creating another individual space for work files and data, and even more. Based on its clamshell form, it supports Split View to bring more convenience for users’ everyday use with two apps running side by side.

5G-level Performance with Top-class 4G 6nm G99 SoC & Up to 36GB RAM

-6nm G99 SoC & Up to 36GB RAM & 256GB ROM & 442,746 scores on Antutu Benchmark

Considering the low penetration of 5G networks in most countries worldwide with higher expenses than mainstream 4G networks and ensuring seamless performance in multitasking and CPU-intensive tasks, the Blackview HERO 10 is using a powerful 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 at the helm, one ranked among the high-tier 4G chipsets with performance exceeding some of the 5G ones. Leveraging the latest RAM expansion technology, its RAM can be expanded to up to 36GB (12GB physical and 24GB virtual) with 30% faster app-launching speed. Say goodbye to stutters and hiccups. Completed with 256GB of ROM, it amps up users' daily fun. The Blackview HERO 10 guarantees fluid performance, be it navigating, multitasking, or CPU-intensive games. Ensuring both productivity and cooling hands-on experience on HERO 10, it adopts a triple cooling system, which in total boasts over 12,000 mm2 of thermal conductivity material. Besides, owing to the advanced Atomized Memory 2.0 with 5%~9% more RAM available, it achieves 442,746 scores on the Antutu Benchmark.

Dual-cell Battery in Foldable Flawlessness

-4000mAh battery & 45W Fast Charging

Taken into consideration that smartphones have been a necessity in the modern age for people to connect with each other, despite the compact size, the Blackview HERO 10 holds a 4000mAh battery under the hood, which consists of two batteries guaranteeing up to 288 hours of standby or 6 hours’ continuous video playback. It is coupled with 45W fast charging , offering up to 4 hours of calling in only 10 minutes. Plus, the Blackview HERO 10 has been built in the advanced charging protection technology for safe, efficient charging, as well as prolonged battery life span.

Availability and Price

Blackview HERO 10 will soon be available on AliExpress with two color options (Sakura Purple & Eclipse Black). During its world premiere from May 20th, 00:00 to June 7th, 24:00, 2024 PST, Blackview offers a super early bird discount with up to 50% off for only $429, even with a gift of W50 for the top 100 orders!

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