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OSCAL MODERN Series Unveiled with Fashion Infused for the Young Generation: MODERN 8 with Distinct Design, 50MP Samsung Camera, 6.75-inch 90 Hz Display, 6000mAh Battery & the Latest DokeOS 4.0

March 11th, 2024

As the young generation has grown into the mainstay in the current customer market, price is not the only main factor for them to choose their ideal smartphones, but also aesthetic design and functionality, especially the photography capability. OSCAL, a promising technology brand, adheres to its innovative DNA and sticks to letting everyone enjoy smart devices with high performance and trendy design at an affordable price point. To bring it to fruition, this company builds the MODERN series and is gearing up to launch the first model of the lineup, the MODERN 8 on AliExpress in March 2024.

Embracing OSCAL‘s essence, the MODERN series is positioned to target Gen Z, with trend-setting design and appearance, as well as all-round functionality to ensure users’ premium experience at its price bracket in all aspects. Built to deal with everyday tasks with smoothness and responsiveness, the OSCAL MODERN 8 uses an octa-core processor at the helm and is packed with up to 16GB of RAM, pairing with enormous internal storage configurations of 128GB/256GB. To allow users to express their feelings and represent the zest of the modern young generation, it is equipped with a whopping 50MP Samsung JN1 camera. To make sure visual entertainment is immersive and everyday navigation is ultra-smooth, it has a vast 6.75-inch HD+ display that boasts 90Hz refresh rate. Every touch, from scrolling to swiping, is as smooth as silk and every frame on the display is shown vibrantly. Furthermore, catering to the relentless vigor of the young, it features a 6000mAh mega battery under the hood, first-ever in the OSCAL smartphones to ease their power anxiety and make sure they never miss a hot spot. Elevating user experience based on years' insight into users' use patterns, it is packed with the latest Android 13-based DokeOS 4.0, serving as a reliable digital assistant to bring users a smarter lifestyle with simpler, smoother interactions. Without compromising on its price, it is, as its name, crafted for modern-day customers to set itself apart it the segment with stylish design and modern features, from seamless performance, impressive ultra-clear camera, smooth display, long-lasting battery and user-friendly operating system and even more, all working together to let users enjoy a modern lifestyle.

Design to Steal Spotlight

The MODERN series stands as a testament to OSCAL’s physiology, Dare to Be Different. MODERN 8, being the first in the lineup, is no exception. Its design harmoniously joins together two tone-on-tone colors and is crafted with electroplating technology, showcasing understated elegance with three color options: Wisteria Purple, Ripple Blue and Ash Grey, as well as a comfortable grip.

No.1 Silky-smooth Performance with Up to 16GB RAM & New Octa-core T616 chipset

Gratifying the young customers for the modern needs of silky-smooth performance, the OSCAL MODERN 8 is built with an Unisoc T616 octa-core processor at its core, complemented with up to 16GB of RAM (8GB +8GB extended). It scores 285K+ on the Antutu benchmark. It offers two variants of internal storage: 128GB and 256GB, both of which can be expanded further by 1TB with a microSD card for users with the need for more files and apps. Besides, ensuring both your smooth, cool gaming and multitasking, it is integrated with OSCAL’s advanced cooling system with overall material area surpassing 15000mm2, keeping it under control at 39℃ for CPU-demanding tasks. The OSCAL MODERN 8 is built to handle users' everyday tasks with a breeze. Say goodbye to stutters and overheat issues.

No.2 Capture Everything as It Happens in 50MP Clarity

While sharing pictures of daily pieces on social media has become the norm of the younger generations, to capture impressive pictures and videos, the camera capability counts. Tailored to allow users to capture more wonderful moments, the OSCAL MODERN 8 is equipped with a 50MP Samsung JN1 sensor, which is rare in the segment. Featuring a 1/2.76-inch sensor size, it boasts higher light sensitivity to allow users to freeze every memorable moment with high quality pictures, day or night. Taking advantage of Tetrapixel technology, it delivers awesome details and colors in every picture with 50 million 0.64μm pixels. Whether users are on the road or meeting friends at home or in a coffee shop, its 8MP Samsung 4H7 self-facing camera captures natural skin tones and makes everyone shine in the picture. Besides, various photography needs can be covered with multiple built-in camera modes. For v-loggers, you never want to miss the 1080P video recording. Express your feelings through pictures with OSCAL MODERN 8 and make waves in your social media.

No.3 Take Delight in Audio-visual Feast as Long as 6000mAh Battery Could.

Display-wise, the OSCAL MODERN 8 has a 6.75-inch center-aligned punch-hole display pushing the screen-to-body ratio to 89.9%, further ensuring users' immersive viewing. It has a 90Hz refresh rate, enabling fluidity in users' viewing, as well as every touch, scrolling and swiping in their website browsing and gaming. And 16.7 million colors ensures everything presented on the display to be as pristine as it is. Mesmerize in the vibrant digital world and enjoy your visual feasts at hand with the OSCAL MODERN 8.

In terms of battery life, the OSCAL MODERN 8 is the first ever, in the OSCAL mainstream smartphone, that boasts a 6000mAh mega battery. Tested by the OSCAL lab, it can support users from day-in to day-out with up to 744-hour standby time, 8-hour gaming, or 12-hour website browsing.

No.4 Seamless Operation with the Latest Android 13-based DokeOS 4.0

Providing seamless navigation and effortless everyday routines from gaming to working, the OSCAL MODERN 8 is bundled with the latest Android 13-based DokeOS 4.0 operating system with fluency enhancement, user-friendly interaction, useful functions and self-developed apps. Easyshare app requires no networks yet with faster transmission speed. Atomized Memory 2.0 allocates RAM in a more refined way with 5~9% more RAM available, allowing users to run more apps concurrently in the background. Workspace app is tailored exclusively for users seeking work-life balance, providing options for users to manage the same app separately in two individual zones. Furthermore, functions such as Real-time Subtitle, Game Mode and Screen Attention, bring convenience to the next level. There are even more to be expected.

Price and Availability

The OSCAL MODERN 8 will be available on AliExpress with three color options and two memory configuration variants(8GB+128GB & 8GB+256GB). From March 18th to March 27th, 2024 PST, an early bird price will be offered. It can be even more affordable using the promo code (24AN10): 8GB+128GB at $85.99 & 8GB+256GB at $98.21.

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