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New Series! Fusion of Fashion and Function! OSCAL MODERN 8 Comes Out!

Hello friend!

We’re so thrilled to tell you that OSCAL is poised to launch the first model in our all-new MODERN series, the OSCAL MODERN 8. Built to blend trendsetting elements and meet demands of the modern-day young generation at accessible price, it seamlessly combines ultra-fast performance with an all-new octa-core processor and up to 16GB of RAM, top-notch photography with 50 MP ultra-clear camera, ultra-smooth 6.75-inch display with 90Hz refresh rate adding fluidity to viewing and operating in gaming and browsing, large-capacity battery of 6000mAh that never lets down the young generation's passions, and user-friendly operating system with the latest DokeOS 4.0 based on Android 13 inside its fashionable, trendy appearance.

Interested? Now buckle up. Let’s take a sneak peek at this little gadget.

Want to stand out from the crowd? This is your chance. The OSCAL MODERN 8 is crafted with dual-tone design, offering three unique colorways to showcase individual personality and elegance: Wisteria Purple, Ripple Blue and Ash Grey.

Stutters or low lags? No fear! Equipped with up to 16GB of RAM and a Unisoc T616 octa-core SoC, it can be unimpeded when you play games, multitask and watch videos. It has two internal storage variants: 128GB &256GB to amp up your space for entertainment, work and memories.

Trying to retain your atmosphere while you are with your families or friends? Turn to OSCAL MODERN 8. The 50MP Samsung JN1 rear camera flawlessly brings every detail to life with high color fidelity and high light sensitivity. Day in and day out, it is the same charming through lens from the OSCAL MODERN 8. Also, it keeps your selfies shining with an 8MP Samsung front-facing camera. -Your beauty is nowhere to hide, your natural skin tones, your contour of features and more.

Dive into a 6.75-inch wide world and enjoy your digital travel. Annoyed when the viewing gets stuck and don’t want to be left behind your enemies? No worries! 90Hz refresh rates make every frame of your videos and game playing with smoothness and adds fluidity into your taps and swipes, ensuring your game role moves with you. The 6000mAh enormous battery escorts your games and videos without interruptions from battery alerts.

Fitting into your modern life, the OSCAL MODERN 8 uses the latest DokeOS 4.0 operating system based on Android 13 with intuitive design and simple and easy-to-use functions and apps. For instance, you can transfer files among devices without networks with the Easyshare app. You can juggle between your personal life and work life with two spaces using two individual accounts thanks to the Workspace app. And so many more auxiliary functions like Real-time subtitles, Smart QR Scan, await modern lifestyle.

Good news for fans! During its global launch from March 18th to March 27th, 2024 PST, you can grab one on AliExpress at 52% off starting at $85.99 using the promo code (24AN10). Kick off your modern lifestyle starting now!

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