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Don't Miss the World's First Rugged Portable Power Station Blackview Oscal PowerMax 3600!

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In an era where power is essential, Blackview OSCAL, following the highly praised PowerMax series, is set to launch the world's first rugged portable power station, PowerMax 3600, for home and outdoor use.

Why is a portable power station needed?

1. Power Outage Protection
2. Energy Cost Savings
3. Outdoor Utility
4. Reliability and Safety

How to choose the best one for your needs?

1. Charging and Usability
2. Large Battery Capacity
3. Fast Charging and Multiple Outlets
4. Rapid UPS Switching
5. Durability and Smart Control

PowerMax 3600  Advantages:

1. Up to 57,600Wh High Capacity
2. Rapid Charging: Full Charge in Only 1.2 Hours
3. Up to 30 days Extended Power Supply
4. 14 Ports & 3600W High Output
5. Up to 25 Years Battery Life
6. Smart Control for Versatility

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