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Up to 49% OFF! Don't Miss Blackview's First SHARK Series Model — Blackview SHARK 8!

Hello friends!

Still looking for a smartphone that excels in both photography and performance? Turn your attention to Blackview's all-new SHARK series—tailor-made for young users, bringing unprecedented mobile photography experience and powerful performance! Whether you’re a mobile gamer, gaming streamer, vlogger or photography enthusiast, the SHARK series will be your best partner, perfectly satisfying the demands for posting high-quality photos and enjoying lag-free gaming experiences!

Recently, Blackview has introduced its first SHARK Series model— Blackview SHARK 8 with 120Hz faster dynamic refresh rate, ultra-fast & super-clear 64MP Super PD Camera, top-tier Performance backed by 6nm Helio G99 and the latest DokeOS 4.0 based on Android 13, launching globally on November 11th.  

All-day Unparalleled Visual Experience with 2.4K 120Hz Display

One of the most anticipated highlights of Blackview SHARK 8 is its three gorgeous styles: galaxy blue, scorching gold, and moonlight grey, which make the phone incredibly eye-catching whether held in hand or placed on a cafe table. With a 6.78-inch 2.4K display, Blackview SHARK 8 allows you to enjoy immersive movies at home and effortlessly read novels in the palm of your hand. In addition, the 120Hz faster refresh rate delivers smoother streaming and more responsive gaming experience without lagging or dropped frames. Not only for the top-notch visual experience, Blackview SHARK 8 comes with a built-in smart K box speaker, which not only boosts the volume, but also ensures perfect sound quality. Moreover, the 5000mAh battery ensures an all-day unparalleled visual experience and with SHARK 8’s 33W fast charging, you can juice it up to 100% in just 78 minutes!

Sophisticated Aesthetic for Every Stunning Shot with Super PD

Equipped with a 64 MP Rear Samsung® ISOCELL GW3 Camera with Super PD technology that compares the phase detected at two different points to focus the subject, Blackview SHARK 8 can accurately focus on fast-moving or still objects, allowing you to precisely capture dynamic moments instead of blurry images. Whether dancing, skating or skiing, every image remains crisp and pristine -  the autofocus ensures ideal seizing of transient moments. With Samsung's Tetrapixel and Smart-ISO tech, even if you are not a photographer, there is no need to worry about poor lighting conditions, as the camera will produce images with richer details and colors according to different environments. Besides, don't forget its 13MP front Samsung® ISOCELL 3L6 that presents true-to-life selfies. Backed by Blackview ArcSoft® 7.0, SHARK 8 has HDR Mode, enhanced Super Night Mode, natural Beauty Mode and so on. 

Well-suited for CPU-intensive Games & Streaming

Blackview SHARK 8 adopts the most advanced 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 with up to 2.2 GHz processor speed and professional-grade ARM Mali-G57 GPU. Whether sharing photos, browsing apps or watching videos, you can experience ultra-fast response and smooth animation. In addition, Helio G99 also features HyperEngine 2.0 Lite game technology, which extends battery life without compromising your gaming experience. Up to 16GB RAM can provide SHARK 8 with desktop-level multitasking capabilities, while 256GB ROM and up to 1TB TF card expansion allow you to freely download all your favorite songs, videos or files. More importantly, Blackview SHARK 8 has a powerful heat dissipation system that keeps temperatures under 39°C, preventing overheating that may affect phone’s performance.

The Smoother DokeOS 4.0 Fuels Endless Youthful Passion

Running on the latest DokeOS 4.0 Based on Android 13, Blackview SHARK 8 has made significant improvements. In terms of smoothness, the atomized memory 2.0 can release 5-9% of memory for other programs and smart pre-loading also increases startup speed by 23% based on users’ app preferences. Focus Computing allows manual adjustment of CPU power for seamless switching between performance enhancement and power saving. Besides, SHARK 8 employs F2FS and EROFS technology to boost app startup and loading speed. On efficiency, its all-new EasyShare App saves your time and traffic while the Workspace App creates private space for you. On top of that, you can organize apps into larger folders and set different privacy boundaries for specific apps, preventing accidental data breaches.

Grab your Blackview SHARK 8 on AliExpress from November 11th to November 17th, 2023, and the final price will be only $93.99! (Limited to the first 50 orders per color).

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