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The Largest and Loudest Phone Speaker Ever! Blackview's 3W Super-loud Phone BV6200 Series is Hitting the Shelves Soon

August 8st, 2023

Blackview , known as the industry leader in rugged phones, never stops its steps in innovation to show unwavering commitment to pushing the boundary of what's the best companion for users to withstand the rigors of the world. Nearly one year after Blackview announced their hot-selling BV5200 series, they didn’t stop there—Blackview BV6200  series will go above and beyond by incorporating a 3W super large and 98dB super loud speaker. 

What other exciting features could there be? According to official sources, there might be a 13000mAh battery, 8GB RAM ranging from LPDDR3 to LPDDR4X, 8+13MP ArcSoft®-powered cameras, and Doke OS 3.1 based on Android 13.

Powerful Sound! Enchanting Auditory Feast to Rock Your World!

-3W Super Large Smart-K Box Speaker with 98dB Super Loud Sound

Given the low volume of phones, many users encounter the challenge of easily missing important calls in noisy workplaces, struggling to hear navigation instructions during adventures, and being unable to fully enjoy music with like-minded friends at gatherings. Blackview BV6200 series  is designed to solve these problems with a 3W super large speaker, which is triple the wattage of most 1W-speaker phones in the market. Almost as loud as the Bluetooth speaker, its volume is capable of reaching up to a Maximum of 98dB, which is 22.5% louder than most average phones to pierce through the walls and spaces like an ambulance siren, making it perfect for hearing incoming voice messages clearly on noisy construction site or getting the loud GPS instructions on bustling cross-city trekking.

In certain situations, the BV6200 series' extremely loud sound can be a lifesaver. Its loud sound can scare away wild animals during outdoor adventures. In an earthquake, even amidst the debris, users can make loud emergency alerts for prompt rescue. If urgent medical attention is required, users can trigger a loud alert for assistance. And users can make loud alerts for help if they get lost, aiding others in locating them.

But of course, Blackview knows that sound quality is just as important as volume. That's why Blackview BV6200 series also uses Smart-K to present every tone perfectly with enriched bass and refined pitch, merging users into the beats and melodies of rock, pop, or classic together at friends' gatherings. Besides, its design appears to be slightly modified from its predecessor with its large speaker positioned at the back panel, which looks like the mouth of the beast to show off its tough-guy style.

62 Days of Standby! Abundant Power to Secure Your Journey!

-13000mAh Solid-state Battery+18W Fast Charging +Reverse Charging

Targeting outdoor lovers or workers, whether in a desert or the middle of the ocean, users will not find themselves hurting for power at any point with the Blackview BV6200 series, thanks to its beefy 13,000mAh battery for serious stamina. In Blackview's testing, the massive battery managed to power the BV6200 for no less than 1488 hours ( 62 days) on standby,50 hours in calls, and 23 hours in web streaming, making it the perfect companion for camping, hiking, emergency rescue work, debris removal and more. Despite the huge battery capacity, the bundled 18W charger can boost the phone from 0 to 50% in 2 hours during the lunch break. Though it’s a long trek from Southern California to Northern Washington, it has reverse charging to keep users’ fitness trackers, GPS locators, or other essential outdoor gadgets charged throughout the way without taking a clunky power bank.

Performance Beast! Rocket-fast Speed for Your Daily Activity!

-MediaTek Helio A22/ P35& RAM:4GB+ 4GB & ROM:64GB/128GB+1TB

Most rugged phones rely on ordinary performance for most of their daily work, but the Blackview BV6200 series is the way to go if users need top-end speeds. Skillfully juggling between checking emails, catching up on the latest news, and replying to unread messages, it pushes the envelope in terms of RAM type from LPDDR3 to LPDDR4X with up to 8GB RAM( 4GB+ 4GB expansion), providing the productivity-boosting tool with up to 50% improvement in performance and up to 30-40% reduction in power consumption for multitasking. From scrolling through social media feeds to playing CPU-intensive games, it can blitz through anything else users might need in terms of day-to-day tasks with the Quad-core processor MediaTek Helio A22 in BV6200 and Octa-core MediaTek Helio P35 in BV6200 Pro. In addition, the Blackview BV6200 series will come with  64GB and 128 GB of onboard storage seperately, and both of them can expand to up to 1TB storage by using the TF card, making it perfect for those photography enthusiasts to preserve an extensive gallery of vivid memories that narrate their life's adventures.

Impeccable Lens! Captivating Magician for Stunning Photography!

-Arcsoft-powered 8MP+13MP Cameras

Step into the camera capabilities of the Blackview BV6200 series, with all of its bells and whistles. Featuring a powerful combination of 8MP and 13MP lenses, it captures every unforgettable moment in life, regardless of whether the recording takes place during the day or at night. Combined with the prowess of ArcSoft®, every photography scenario users desire can be effortlessly fulfilled by versatile camera modes. Professional-looking portraits with blurred backgrounds in a cozy café? -Portrait Mode.Breathtaking landscapes and cityscapes on the top of a mountain at sunrise?-Panorama Mode.Backlighted shot on a picturesque beach at sunset?-HDR Mode.Captivating selfies at birthday parties or evening dinners?-Beauty Mode.Noise-free photos with friends at fireworks displays or city strolls under the stars-Night Mode. What’s more, there is an Underwater Mode for adventurous scuba divers to capture the beauty of colorful marine life and vibrant coral formations.

User-friendly System!Efficient Maestro for Swift Accessibility!

-DokeOS 3.1 Based on Android 13

Adding more value for the target audience, Blackview BV6200 series  seems to offer Android 13-based DokeOS 3.1 onboard, which promises a delightful fusion of practicality and personalization. It's a personalized system like no other, where users can group apps, customize icons, and dismiss folders according to their preferences. For easier operation of phones, the Smart Floating Windows feature introduces the action to swipe left or right and then hold the smart sidebar to create a quick access program, swipe right for minus one screen to organize useful information or swipe down for the control panel to get access to the drop-down menu. To boost the efficiency of the BV6200 series, users can effortlessly drag certain applications into the Cold Room, preventing them from draining precious resources when not in use.

Unyielding Toughness! Indestructible Companion for Your Adventure!

-MIL-SPEC 810H +IP68 & IP69K+ Gorilla® Glass 5 glass

Blackview cares about the durability of its devices, whose BV6200 series is likely to craft its body with a sturdy metal frame and reinforced rubber corners. Built to conquer the challenges of the fragile screen, its display is fortified with the formidable Gorilla® Glass 5, a testament to safeguarding the device from drops and scratches while users are adventuring in the great outdoors or attending lively indoor events. As tough as the nail, it has reportedly undergone Mil-Spec 810H testing to withstand drops from up to 1.5 meters. Also certified by IP68 and IP69K ratings, it will be waterproof for 30 minutes even when submerged up to 1.5 meters underwater. Whether users threw it at a pile of jagged stones on a construction site or bathed it in mud and then washed it off in the water on the hiking trail, Blackview BV6200 series is always ready to get back into users’ hands without risking it getting destroyed.

Others Features´╝Ü

Moreover, Blackview paid attention to the visual experience of the users. Whether they’re surfing the web, streaming videos, or enjoying multimedia content, taking lifelike images from its 6.56-inch large display is as easy as pie. More creature comforts like Face Unlock, Dual 4G LTE, and 4-in-1 Navigation System make the Blackview BV6200 series an everyday option.

Ready for a sneak peek at the leaked specifications of Blackview BV6200 & BV6200 Pro?


If everything works as planned, Blackview BV6200 should become available for only $125.99 with 37% off on AliExpress.  There is no information regarding Blackview BV6200 pro and their launch date yet, but these details should surface soon. Please stay tuned for further information.

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