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Blackview's Latest Flagship Rugged Phone BV8900 Comes Soon With Thermal Imaging Camera&UWB, ArcSoft® 4.0-Powered Triple Cameras, 10,380mAh Solid-state Battery, and DokeOS 3.1 Based on Android 13


As a thriving tech brand, Blackview is well-known for rugged phones with military-grade waterproof, drop-proof, and dustproof features that assist users survive challenging environments, thus bringing the comforts of modern life to the wilderness. Recently, they unveils the latest flagship rugged phone with the upgraded thermal imaging camera, Blackview BV8900, which is also the first one to incorporate UWB, ArcSoft® 4.0, 10,380mAh solid-state battery, and DokeOS 3.1 based on Android 13.

Following the tremendous response in the market to the previous one with thermal imaging camera, BL8800 Pro, the latest Blackview BV8900 with thermal imaging camera has undergone four significant upgrades for the first time, including practicality upgrades with 4×space zoom thermal imaging camera & 10cm-level accuracy UWB, photography upgrades with ArcSoft® 4.0-powered triple cameras, ruggedness upgrades with 10,380mAh solid-state battery & Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7, and fluency upgrades with DokeOS 3.1 based on Android 13 & MediaTek Helio P90.

Practicality Upgrades: “Find” Has Never Been Easier

- 4× Space Zoom Thermal Imaging Camera with the Same Clarity+10 cm-level Accuracy UWB

Thermal imaging camera transforms the invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. For users' home detection needs by temperature distribution, it's able to find the livable area in the bedroom for a comfortable living, the broken water pipes or gas leaks in the kitchen to eliminate safety hazards, or the faulty electric wires in the living room to save on repair costs. Catering to the users' demands for solving heat-related problems by temperature distribution in professional fields, it's able to find lost partners during adventures, electrical failures at construction sites, or trapped persons during the fire, completely safeguarding the safety of users. Additionally, it can be used in daily life by temperature distribution to find missing pets, take Van Gogh-like pictures, or help with social interaction by analyzing mood changes, adding fun to ordinary activities.

Blackview has long worked in partnership with FLIR®, the industry pioneer in thermal imaging, to give users the best thermal imaging solutions available in phones. Based on the thermal imaging camera in the BL8800 Pro, they further consider users' safety. The thermal imaging camera of Blackview BV8900 enables 4x space zoom while keeping its clarity at 80*60 pixels, allowing users to maintain a safe distance even in dangerous situations like fires.

In addition to the “Hot-search” supported by the thermal imaging camera, Blackview complements the user's demand for “Cold-search”. For the first time, Blackview BV8900 is equipped with UWB with an impressive 10cm precision. Whether it's searching for low-heat but valuable belongings like keys, wallets, and tablets, or looking for loved ones such as naughty children and forgetful elderly in crowded, users can now enjoy peace of mind in their daily lives to grasp the location accurately by simply attaching a Tag to the precious ones, killing all the anxiety about loss.

Photography Upgrades: No Problem in Any Condition.

- Triple Cameras(Smart ISO+OIS) +Advanced ArcSoft® 4.0 Algorithms

To empower users to capture stunning photos effortlessly in any condition without the worry of low light, shaky hands, or blurry shots, the rear camera of Blackview BV8900 comes with 64 MP Samsung® ISOCELL GW3 and 5MP secondary rear camera that assists with Thermal Imaging. Whether it's day or night, the camera automatically selects the optimal ISO based on different lighting scenarios with the Smart ISO feature; plus the support of Tetrapixel tech, night shots can be rich in highlight details and less in dark noise. Whether it's taking casual pictures while strolls or filming quick-paced sporting events, OIS completely compensates for handshaking to perfectly balance the photostability and picture clarity, allowing users to capture blur-free images even when moving. For exceptional selfies, the QuadBayer sensor of the 16MP front camera incorporates PDAF tech to focus on users' beauty, delivering outstanding selfies with high sensitivity and resolution at any time. Furthermore, it goes the extra mile by supporting 4K video recording with beauty mode, making it perfect for vlogging on Youtube, Instagram, or TikTok.

With the help of the cutting-edge ArcSoft® 4.0, Blackview BV8900 significantly improves the performance of the photo modes by a staggering 17%, including HDR, Night Mode, Beauty Mode, Portrait Mode, and Panorama Mode to better serve the different photography needs of users. But that's not all—it also supports other photo modes like Google Lens, Pro Mode, and Mono Mode, making it a versatile rugged phone that excels in both rugged performance and exceptional camera capabilities.

Ruggedness Upgrades: Go with Every Rugged Lifestyle

-10,380mAh Solid-state Battery+Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7+ MIL-STD-810H & Leading IP68 & IP69K

To address the major concerns on phone batteries—safety, durability, and stability— Blackview BV8900 introduces a game-changing 10,380mAh solid-state battery, which is viewed as the future trend of battery with its improved energy density and enhanced safety. By employing solid electrolytes instead of traditional liquid electrolytes by Blackview Labs, it minimizes the risk of battery explosions without flammable components, bringing a higher safety experience to users. Besides, It achieves higher energy density for a durable but lighter & thinner battery with the same power capacity, allowing users to experience the ultimate rugged phones with durability and portability. Compared to the high viscosity of the liquid electrolyte that results in the low lithium conductivity at low temperatures, solid-state batteries maintain sufficient lithium conductivity even at low temperatures, which highly improves the balance of extreme resistance to high and low temperatures (-30℃-60℃), guaranteeing stable performance even in harsh conditions.

With Blackview BV8900, users can rely on long-lasting power with peace of mind. Thanks to its 33W fast charging, only 2.5 hours of charging can last for 45.5 days on standby. During a 7,848 km road trip, there's no need to worry about the battery with up to 344 hours of uninterrupted navigation or 70 hours of uninterrupted SOS, guarding the user's safety throughout the way. With the compatibility of OTG and USB 3.0, it enables 2× quicker reverse charging (500 mA current–900 mA current) to swiftly charge other devices even in places without electricity. Compared to USB 2.0, it achieves 10× faster data transfer (480Mbps →5.0Gbps), doubling the efficiency of life and work.

From crossing rainforests to engaging in outdoor work, Blackview BV8900 continues its military-grade waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof protection with MIL-STD-810H & Leading IP68 & IP69K to go with users' every lifestyle bravely. In particular, the use of the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7 display provides 1.5x improved drop performance and 2x improved scratch performance, plus a highly sensitive glove mode that allows users to stay connected at all times with gloves on when users embark on a snow mountain expedition or work on a construction site.

Fluency Upgrades: Effortless Fluency at Any Time

-DokeOS 3.1 Based on Android 13+MediaTek Helio P90+ 16 GB RAM(1:1 RAM Expansion)+256GB ROM+1TB TF Expansion

With an upgrade from Android 12 to Android 13, Blackview BV8900 now has the brand-new DokeOS 3.1, which gives users more personality and privacy options. For personality, users can customize the app icon size, app folder color, and app language individually. For privacy, it's able to manage notification permission and clear clipboard history timely, and a higher level of privacy is provided by its dual security protection with improved DAC+ MAC, which is customized by Blackview to ensure safe information access on the device, providing the ultimate privacy protection for users. In terms of fluency, it contains the Cold Room for freezing inactive programs to minimize lags and System Manager for the overall optimum operation. Moreover, DokeOS 3.1 has also made efforts to enhance users' well-being and health with the new Focus Mode to block out all external distractions and the new Health Mode to track fitness metrics for activities like running, walking, and cycling.

To provide users with the ultimate fluent experience, Blackview BV8900 sports an octa-core MediaTek Helio P90 CPU with 4.6 times greater performance than its predecessor. Coupled with 16GB RAM, up to 2.2 GHz main frequency CPU delivers higher performance with faster system fluidity and lower power consumption for the best gaming experience and image processing ability. With 256GB ROM and 1TB of storage expansion, users can store the whole world at fingertips with up to 170 K+ cherished photos, 2.8K + funny short videos, or 446K+ favorite songs.

To give users an amazing audiovisual feast, the 6.5-inch 2.4K display and Smart-PA box speaker enable users to completely immerse themselves in watching TV, listening to music, and playing games. For the optimal viewing experience, the display of Blackview BV8900 is certified by TÜV SÜD Low Blue Light, which reduces harmful blue light and optimizes yellowish issues. With three eye comfort modes built-in, the display can also precisely adapt to any usage scenario like reading by Reading Mode, watching films at night by Night Light Mode, and viewing the web by Dark Mode.

Other Functions

There is more to help users get the job done well. 4-in-1 navigation system for accurate positioning, multi-function NFC for payments or data transfer, customized shortcut button for one-press function, and a bunch of useful toolkits for practicality.

Price & Availability

It's confirmed that Blackview BV8900 will be available for purchase from June 12th to 18th, 2023 PST on AliExpress. Don't miss out on the early bird offers at only $ 259.99 (down from $399.99) with 35 % off!!!

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