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Blackview BV8800 vs. Blackview BV9900, who is the big brother?

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Nearly over 1 year after the launch of the flagship of Blackview BV series, Blackview BV9900, the Blackview brand has debuted its follow-up, Blackview BV8800. Hailed as the new rugged flagship, it begs a question for the BV8800 -- will it take over the pole position of the BV9900 in the Blackview BV lines? Let's take a look at the key specs first.

Specs battle

Winner: BV8800

90Hz display
60Hz display
MediaTek G96
MediaTek Helio P90
8GB + 128GB
8GB + 256GB
Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 50MP AI quad camera
Sony® IMX582 48MP AI quad camera
Night vision
8380mAh battery
4380mAh battery
833W fast charge
18W charge
Doke OS 3.0 (based on Android 11)
Android 9 Pie
MIL-STD-810H & IP68 & IP69K
MIL-STD-810G & IP68 & IP69K

The winner is clear in this part -- the Blackview BV8800 knocks the Blackview BV9900 out despite the minor defect that the storage is a little smaller than BV9900's one, but the former's storage is sufficient for heavy users though. Overall, the BV8800 does a better job in terms of the key factors that are responsible for the speed, efficiency, photography, battery life of your smartphone. Most of all, in regard to toughness, both phones are IP68 & IP69K certified. But for the MIL-STD-810 certification, the BV8800 is upgraded to MIL-STD-810H from MIL-STD-810G that the BV9900 meets. This delivers stronger capability of withstanding any possible blow and torture.

Adventure-dedicated functions battle

Winner: BV9900


As serious outdoor phones, resistance to water, drops, dust is a must-have feature. Arming with more adventure-dedicated features is a bonus for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Both the BV8800 and the BV9900 have a barometer sensor, helpful for predicting subtle changes in the weather to safeguard safety when hiking, mountaineering. Nevertheless, the BV9900 has an IceMode that pushes the practicality to the extreme. With this mode on, basic phone functions -- Phone, Message, Contacts, Camera -- can work normally even in a freezing temperature as low as -30℃ when other phones shiver to shut down automatically. This is perfect for arctic explorers or people who just live in extremely cold areas.

Health-care functions battle

Winner: BV9900

Heart Rate Monitor
UV Meter

For people who expect health features from a phone, BV9900 is a clear winner. It has a heart rate monitor that can keep you aware of your heart rate and a hygrometer indicating air condition -- dry/comfort/wet, to ensure you're always aware of changes to your home/household with just a quick glance. UV Meter for measurement of UV intensity is also helpful in outdoor environments.

Design battle

Winner: neck and neck

In terms of design, there's a huge difference between the BV8800 and the BV9900. BV8800 features a typical industrial style -- rugged and robust. Tough Aluminum alloy side frame fixed with screws, the top and bottom ends are covered with shock-resistant silica gel & PC that seamlessly extends to the textured back where on the upper side locates a uniquely octagon-shaped camera metal module and on the lower side is a lanyard hook providing convenience for climbing activities. The phone's four corners are thickened with TPU soft rubber for extra protection from any possible drops and shocks.

BV9900 surprisingly doesn't look like a rugged smartphone. The whole body is slim and relatively light compared to the others. The back is simplistic to the point that it's close to the business style. But the toughness is no weaker as it's supported by a full aluminum alloy frame and shock-proof silica gel on the back. On the front, it's protected by the scratch and impact resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5.

How to choose?

On the whole, the Blackview BV8800 and the Blackview BV9900 stand out in a completely different way. For people who are picky about the specs, the BV8800 is an obviously go-to choice. The BV8800 will kick off its world premiere on Jan.10th, 2022 (PT) with limited $199.99 early bird offers. Click here to view more details. However, the BV9900 is ideal for people who expect an all-in-one multi-tasker, that is, integrating more adventure features, health-care features into a phone.

And the appearance is a clear-cut distinction -- the BV8800 is more mechanical while the BV9900 features business style. It has no clear winner in this part. It all depends on personal preference.

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