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Helio P60-powered UMIDIGI Z2 manages to beat the iPhone X

Leaked news from Weibo reveals that UMIDIGI Z2 features a MediaTek Helio P60 CPU. The Helio P60 was just released on the MWC. The chip was recognized as “the best of MWC” by the renowned US media Androidauthority. It rocked the world by incredible 5871 Geekbench multi-core score.

Notably, the top notch display smartphone UMIDIGI Z2 offers greater processing power for intensive tasks resulting in seamless multi-tasking and computing experience. With combination of the new octa-core CPU boosts performance in demanding applications and the new GPU at up to 800MHz boosts games up to 70% vs previous generation, UMIDIGI Z2 carries a destiny bringing excellent performance to Android smartphones.

And most importantly, unlike iPhone X, it is much more affordable, the estimated price of UMIDIGI Z2 is about 300$. Expect the Helio P60, other rumours also mentioned UMIDIGI Z2 sports AI, Emoji, quick focus, better temperature control, bokeh camera, Infrared camera and 15 watts wireless charge.

Please download pictures from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mojch0a10ql48uj/20180312.rar?dl=0


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