Dear HKMAAC Members,

如何得心應手地在調解會議上靈活地運用4R中(換位思考) 技巧?


How to  Promoting "Reframing" Skill in the Mediation Meeting? 

This CPD training will share with you the presenter's understanding of the technique and its effectiveness in conducting mediation meeting.

We are going to organize a 2 hours workshop ("the workshop") so as to facilitate our members and accredited mediators who are interested.


 In addition, this workshop also serves as CPD seminar for members to obtain CPD points. Details are as follows:


Mediation Training Workshop: How to Promoting Reframing Skill in Mediation Meeting 


Mr. S K Cheng 

Date and Time:

Ref. No.: CPD 20231122
22 November 2023 (Wednesday)


Room 603, 6/F , YMCA (TST)


HKD$ 300 


2 CPD points (Accredited by HKMAAC) 


-     4R Techniques in Mediation Session;

-     Technique reframing 

For any interested members or mediators, there are 2 ways to apply as below:

Method 1) A completed E-application form together with bank in slip and email to 

Method 2) 
A completed application form together with the cheque payment to our administration office "Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration

Unit 6, 9/F, LT Tower, No. 31 Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong,  Hong Kong"

and specified  as "Application for CPD programme"  
(on or before 10 November 2023) .

Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 3796-3366 or email: 

Yours faithfully, 


Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre



1.The completion of this workshop is one of the PRE-REQUISITES and compulsory requirements for any HKMAAC Accredited Mediator to become a member of the Training Team.

2.The appointment of members of the Training Team in any recognized programmes will be based on mediator’s qualifications and experience and on sole discretion of HKMAAC.

3. Participant must not be absent from the workshop for more than 15 minutes so as to fulfill the requirement to become member of the Training Team of HKMAAC and to obtain the CPD points.

4. HKMAAC reserves the right to accept / reject the application. 


Application Form