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Save Up to 150$! A Free Bluetooth Keyboard for the Top 200 Orders! Go and Grab 10.36" Oscal Pad 15 Now!

Hello, friends!

Looking for a tablet that spices up your everyday life with immersive multimedia entertainment, handles everyday tasks with high efficiency, and records cherished moments with enhanced camera capability in a convenient way? - Look no further than Oscal’s latest flagship tablet, Pad 15.

Deserve to mention that, compared to its precursor, Pad 13, Oscal Pad 15 has been upgraded for your premium satisfaction with a bigger 10.36” 2K display, a longer-lasting 8,280mAh battery, faster charging support at 33W, larger memory RAM of up to 16GB and more sufficient ROM of 256GB, while retaining the DokeOS_P 3.0 UI system-backed PC Mode bridging tablet and laptop with wireless mouse and keyboard support and touchscreen capability, and even more. Interested? Let’s dig further into its impressive features.

Keep the mundane world out and dive into the colorful digital world. Whether gaming or streaming, Pad 15 comes equipped with a 10.36-inch 2K display and dual box speakers with Smart-K, drawing you into the world with richer and more vivid images and surround sound. With Widevine L1 support, you can fully indulge in 1080p video and films on platforms like Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

To ensure your uninterrupted longstanding work and study, Pad 15 features an 8,280mAh gigantic battery capacity, powering your daily usage for up to 20 hours. Furthermore, it supports 33W fast charging to get itself power-ready in about an hour. Ensuring your efficient work and study, Pad 15 is integrated with an octa-core Unisoc Tiger T606, which pairs with up to 16GB of  RAM and 256GB of ROM plus 512GB of expandable storage. Boosted further with advanced technology, Pad 15 performs an Antutu benchmark of 276,644. To achieve your everyday multitasking seamlessly and effortlessly, Pad 15 is assigned PC mode, blending the portability and powerful functionality of a laptop with a multi-window display, wireless mouse and keyboard support and touchscreen capability. Capture your whimsical ideas with a free stylus pen. Take Pad 15 with you to boost your productivity and let inspiration flow, anytime, anywhere.

To cover your shooting needs of both artistic creation and recording keynotes and meeting slides, Oscal Pad 15 features a 13MP rear camera with multiple filters and a 16MP front camera with facial recognition support, which makes accessing your device easier and safer. From classes to memorable moments, the 1080p video recording retains the overall process with clarity. What’s more, you can tackle your problems including translation, text extraction, object recognition and even more with Smart Google Lens. Tap the shutter, and your problems get answered.  

Based on the platform escalated from Android 12 to Android 13, DokeOS_P 3.0 offers more personal design, user-friendlier interfaces, useful tools, and more comprehensive information protection. You can set the app language individually at will and achieve seamless navigation with simple swipes up, down, right, and left with Smart Floating Windows. Your information is safeguarded under the double-layered protection of DAC&MAC.

Oscal Pad 15 will be available in two color options (Seafoam Green and Stellar Grey) at AliExpress on September 18. During its world premiere from Sept. 18th to Sept. 26th,  you can get at an early bird price of $158.99 (47% Off!). Even with a free Bluetooth Keyboard for the first 200 orders. Using the promo coupon, you can save about $10 more!

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