Dear friend,

Nice to meet you. I'm Alston from Blackview/OSCAL, whose main products include: rugged phone, MINI PC, tablet, and more.
Now, We are eager to invite you to help us to make first 3600Wh Power Station review. It supports fast charging and can be fully charged in 1 hour.

OSCAL PowerMax 3600:
From 3600Wh to 57600Wh -Support 15 Battery Packs (3600Wh/Per)
14 Versatile Outlets -Power 99% of  Essential Devices
LiFePO4 Cells | BMS -Up to 3800 Life Cycles, Last for Up to 20 Years
24/7 UPS Backup| 9ms Fast Switch -Tie to Home Grid for Uninterrupted Power
Smart APP Control with Upgraded Firmware -Via WiFi or BlueTooth
Note: The PowerMax 3600 can also help charge Tesla car, and is expected to give the Tesla a range of up to 30km. In addition, it can also support an average household's appliances for an entire day.

I don't need you to return the product to me after I send it to you.
But one question, since we need to post the video on Indiegogo, can you add the Indiegogo link for me?
The PowerMax 3600 will be sold on Indiegogo from 30th September - 30th October, but we can start shipping to buyers it in October-November.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you very much!