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Grand Debut! Oscal Released PowerMax 700, Your Reliable Portable Power Solution- Eco-friendly Body with Multiple Ports and Stable, Durable and Safe Power!

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Oscal will soon release its first portable power station -- PowerMax 700. It is designed to deliver portable, fast, safe and stable power as a home backup, mobile energy for outdoor activities, like camping, tailgate party, hiking, and cycling, or an emergency power supplier for first-aid equipment like CPAP machines during natural disasters like earthquake, flood, typhoon, fire disaster, and other situations.

Why choose PowerMax 700?

Lightweight and Eco-Friendly Body with Mega Battery & Portable Design

Considering portability for outdoor activities, Oscal PowerMax 700 is designed a compact size and a lightweight body. Adhering to being eco-friendly, it adopts a renewable PC+ABS material for its outer base and Rosh-certified Nickel-plated steel as its battery shell. Only a weight of a dumbbell about 7.5kg and measuring 31.2*19.0*24.8 cm, it incorporates with a battery capacity of 666Wh and a pure sine wave inverter to convey durable and stable power on the go. Furthermore, it is equipped with a reinforced handle and anti-slip base to ensure easy carry and transportation wherever you go.

Great Durability with Stable and Safe Power

In view of its longevity and high safety usage, Oscal PowerMax 700 utilizes safe, durable and eco-friendly Ternary Lithium-ion battery cells. Under the hood, Battery Management System (BMS) intelligently monitors and manages the batteries to keep them running within safe limits with a longer life span. Intelligent temperature management with constant temperature controller will monitor the temperature to avoid any explosion or catching-fire events. For CPAP machine users, Oscal assigned Non-Stop Mode to ensure stable power.

Fast and Flexible Recharging

For your prolonged joys on the go, PowerMax 700 supports fast dual charging technology(215W max). Charge for 1 hour and joys stay for up to 26 hours. To fully maximize your flexibility, Oscal PowerMax 700 even renders up to 5 recharging options, using solar panels(150W max), wall socket(150W max), car outlet(150W max), USB-C outlet(65W max), and USB-C outlet + solar panel/wall outlet/ car outlet. Charging your power station can be so fast and easy.

Versatile Usage in Any Situation with Up to 12 Outputs

Keeping users’ needs in mind, Oscal designed PowerMax 700 with up to 12 Outputs, including 2 700W AC outlets, 2 DC outputs, 4 USB-A outputs, 2 USB-C outputs, a bi-directional USB-C port and a 15W wireless fast charging pad. PowerMax 700 gets almost all your need covered, for whether smart devices like phones, pads, and laptops, or high-powered devices like mini-fridges, mini cookers, and mini blenders, or even projectors, cameras, drones, kindle, heart rate monitors, and more. It is an ideal mobile power provider for whether outdoor activities, power outages, or even emergencies.

Use with Ease, Safe and Peace of Mind

Unlike gas-powered generators with noise and fumes while working, PowerMax 700 accompanies you with only silence. In order to further facilitate your life, it houses a foolproof control panel with independent large switches separately controlling ports and illumination modes, and an intuitive LCD display with big-sized font showing clearly essential battery information for you. Furthermore, an LED light with three illumination modes, including dim mode, bright mode, flashing mode, and SOS mode for emergencies, catering to your diverse needs.

Still worry about going outdoors without a power supply? Check here and discover more fun with versatile energy.

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