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Oscal Pad 13 Tipped to Launch with Impressive Specs Soon


April 10th, 2023

As an innovation-driven tech firm, OSCAL is dedicated to the tech innovation of product performance & design & quality & service by giving users affordable access to smart devices with cutting-edge performance and design. After the Oscal Pad 10 that really caught the public’s eye, Oscal has continued to optimize the products it offers. Tipsters have just revealed that they will refresh their high-tier tablet line under the name of Oscal Pad 13, which is expected to debut in April with many innovative upgrades including entertainment upgrades, performance upgrades, convenience upgrades, and efficiency upgrades

So why choose Oscal Pad 13? What are more leaked specs?

Lighter and Slimmer Body than ever

-7.6mm slim & 435g light body+ Glacier Blue & Space Grey color

Official renders show that Oscal Pad 13 will preserve its light, sleek and flat design with a 7.6mm thin and 435g light body for the utmost portability to go anywhere. As for colors, Glacier Blue and Space Grey are leaked in renders, giving users a chance to state the style with their device for the perfect couch or coffee table companion.

Entertainment Upgrade: Enjoy Immersive Entertainment

Larger Screen and Clearer Sound than ever

-10.1-inch Large Display+ Widevine L1 Support+ Smart-K Dual Box Speakers+Three Eye-comfort Modes

To provide immersive entertainment enjoyment, Oscal Pad 13 seems to be bolstered by its 10.1-inch large display with 1200*1920 high resolution and 81% screen-to-body ratio, bringing nearly 2K naked-eye HD Full visual experience with content-to-life details for streaming favorite shows, gaming with friends, or catching up with family on video calls. For top audio experience, it will come with dual box speakers with Smart-K. Dual box speakers configuration determines its loud voice for calling, while the Smart-K ensures the realistic sense of surround sound for listening to music or watching TV. Claimed to be supported by Widevine L1, owners of Oscal Pad 13 can enjoy on-demand entertainment of favorite videos uninterrupted in the background and offline on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu.

Designed to take care of the user’s eyes, Oscal Pad 13 seems to offer three eye comfort modes for any lighting environment. Reading mode for Kindle-like format reading, Night light mode for warmer colors at night sleeping, and Dark Mode for darker display in low-lit conditions.

More vivid pictures and More realistic videos than ever

-8MP Samsung® S5K4H7+13 MP rear camera

For the daily photography needs of students or workers, rumor has it that the Oscal Pad 13 may defy tablet photography conventions by including an 8MP Samsung® S5K4H7 front camera for high-definition selfies and video conversations with friends or coworkers. Moreover, a 13 MP rear camera will be used for crystal-clear video recordings of work meetings and class lectures.

Larger and Larger Battery than ever

-7,680mAh battery (up to 19hrs of daily usage) + 18W rapid charging

Considering the larger battery requirements of users, the Oscal Pad 13 would have a 7,680mAh battery with up to 19hrs of daily usage and 18W rapid charging according to rumors, which means that users can stream for up to 4 hours of videos, 5 hours of gaming, or 6 hours of web-browsing without worrying about losing power.

Performance Upgrade: Sense the Exceptional Performance

Faster Hardware and Faster Software than ever

- UNISOC T606+14GB RAM+256GB ROM+1TB TF Expansion+Smart Pre-Loading

While Oscal Pad 13’s improvements won't stop with the batteries. It’s likely to run on the Octa-core UNISOC T606 processor with up to 228,489 AnTuTu which powers through even the heaviest workflows for smoother and faster processing from video edits to speedier streaming. Even better, It's possible to get 6GB RAM expansion and 1TB TF support on the basis of 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, which means up to 17% speed improvement with 14GB RAM for multitasking while gaming or working and up to 4x 256GB TF expansion for more storage with work files, loved photos and videos. With Pre-Loading, Oscal Pad 13 is able to foresee which app users are going to launch and help preload the apps before opening them, hence improving the average app-launching speed by 30%.

Convenience Upgrades: Feel On-the-Fly Convenience

More Convenient and Smoother OS than ever

-DokeOS_P 3.0 based on Android 12

Ensuring a smoother user experience, Oscal Pad 13 will pre-install DokeOS_P 3.0 based on Android 12, which comes with smart floating windows. It’s easy for users to swipe left or right and then hold for the smart sidebar with often-used apps, swipe right for minus one screen with important information all in one space, and swipe down for control panel with drop-down menu. For simpler and more powerful system management, users are possible to free up more space by removing junk files, speed up the games with one-tap Clean-up RAM, save power through power saving mode, and manage the app easily. With the aid of privacy control and the newly added secure software of Security-Enhanced Linux for peace of mind when it comes to data security, it will deliver the most secure experience for those special industry workers.

Efficiency Upgrades: Experience the Seamless Efficiency

More Efficient Configuration for Study and Work than ever

-Split-Screen Function+PC Mode+Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Support+Stylus Pen+ Google Smart Lens

In an era where instant learning and office work are required, efficiency is highly based on the device in the hand. Thanks to Split-Screen Function, users are able to open different apps on the same screen simultaneously, which allows users to get questions searched while taking online classes or making work documents. From the wireless keyboard to mouse support, Oscal Pad 13 is said to be loaded with PC mode, which transforms tablets into desktops in mere seconds, ensuring that it is the perfect solution for workers to present and create the working document on preloaded WPS sites freely.

For anyone looking to draw or handwrite on a tablet, it's expected that Oscal Pad 13 will come with free stylus out of the box, which features ultra-low latency for that natural pen-to-paper experience while taking class notes or making work mind maps in the preloaded note app. If that's true, it also marks a new chapter for tablets by utilizing the creative power of the Google Smart Lens to investigate the world around users- translate the text, capture the homework for help, and point at the building for details.

Price and Availability:

It’s announced that Oscal Pad 13 will be orderable on AliExpress from 4.17-4.21 with huge discounts. For further information, Pls click here.

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