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40% Off! Don't Miss the 2023 Battery Monster Rugged Phone Oscal S80

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Following the success of its predecessor, the Oscal S60 with Night Vision Cameras, Oscal has announced that its latest rugged phone, Oscal S80, will be released with an incredible 13,000mAh battery at its world premiere from February 13th to February 17th, 2023 PST.

Let's have a look at the leaked specifications below.

In terms of appearance, the koala-like design on the backside is inspired by the relationship between humans and nature.

Originally designed to resolve safety issues for outdoor enthusiasts, Oscal S80 is fueled by a 13,000mAh battery to serve as your safeguard, navigating in no-known for 500 hrs, making SOS calls in an accident for 50 hrs, and charging other devices through reverse charge.

To kill your power anxiety while entertaining. Oscal S80 provides a 13,000mAh battery, supporting 15 hours of gameplay, 20 hours of live streaming, and 70 hours of music. Any lagging while playing? Oscal S80 will make it impossible with the latest Doke OS 3.0 and powerful MediaTek Helio G85, delivering blistering smoothness.

To make every unusual moment eternal? Thanks to its Arcsoft cameras, it unleashes groundbreaking photography experience with striking images. With a 13,000mAh battery, 15 hours of shooting is possible. And 128 GB & 1TB storage are supported to store 300K photos and 50K videos, documenting your wonderful life.

Want to buy one now? Click HERE. The price is only $179.99, with up to 40% off!!!

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