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Powerful BV5200 Pro Launches! $99.99, 50% Off.

Hi, friends!

It's been a while since Blackview BV5200 was hot, and now Blackview BV5200 Pro also comes to the global market with excellent photography & great performance.

Let's take a closer look!

Larger storage + More Advanced Processor: 32GB to 64GB ROM, Quad-core to Qcta-core

● Larger and Expandable Storage: Unlike Blackview BV5200, BV5200 Pro expands the ROM from 32GB to 64GB for 100% more memory. And 1TB of expandable storage is available.

● More Advanced Processor:Compared to the BV5200's quad-core processor, Blackview BV5200 Pro features an octa-core processor assisted by 4GB of RAM for faster speeds. The chipset witnesses 20% performance upgrade while the overall performance of the phone sees 200% upgrade

Excellent Photography Function: Improved ArcSoft Camera System

With the latest ArcSoft algorithm, Blackview BV5200 Pro helps users get the most out of their photography in 5 ways.

● Panorama Mode: With a progress of 15% on BV 5200, BV 5200 Pro takes larger, clearer, and more beautiful landscape photos.

● Beauty Mode: More 15% naturalness and authenticity of photos taken with BV5200 Pro.

● HDR Mode: BV5200 Pro achieves more 17% details than the BV5200 to get the perfect balance between bright and dark areas, delivering the nicest shots.

● Portrait Mode: 16% increase on BV 5200, BV5200 Pro blurs background, making the central figure more prominent.

● Night Mode: BV5200 pro gives a near-realistic shot of night scenes in the distance.

Actually, there are more highlights of Blackview BV5200 Pro. $99.99 right now, from Dec 5th to 9th PST. One Fitbud 1 will be given to the first 100 buyers. Go get one for yourself!

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