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Why Blackview A85 is Better VS Realme 10? Check Out!

Hi, Friends!

Blackview A85 is on hot sale. Blackview A85 VS Realme 10.

They have much in common. Let's take a look!

  • RAM & ROM: It is well known that 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM offer faster and smoother running and plenty of storage.
  • Camera: With a 50MP rear and 8MP front camera, Blackview A85 and Realme 10 explore the world with vivid and extremely beautiful pictures.
  • NFC Function: Powered by NFC, Blackview A85 and Realme 10 implement a payment function in public transportation.
  • High Refresh Rate: Providing a 90Hz refresh rate on the smartphone display, both make the supported games run much smoother.
  • 4G Signal: Both offer dual 4G for online enjoyment anywhere.

Let's see the differences:

  • Battery: In terms of a long-lasting battery, Blackview A85 has 4, 400mAh while the Realme 10 gets 5, 000mAh, there's not much of a gap between the two.
  • Expandable Memory: Blackview A85 can expand the storage to 1TB via a TF card slot while Realme 10 does not.
  • Screen Size: Furthermore, compared to the 6.4-inch display of Realme 10, Blackview A85 features a larger 6.5-inch screen, bringing a wider and more detailed view for HD video and graphics-intensive games.
  • Price: More importantly, unlike Realme 10's higher price of $249, Blackview A85 is affordable at $103.99 now for early bird offers.

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