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Blackview Tab 15 With UP TO 50% OFF: 10.5-inch Display with Smart-K Quad-Box Speakers, Widevine L1 Support, Versatile PC Mode and 8280mAh Battery

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Blackview is launching its latest tablet, Blackview Tab 15, the next fusion of versatility and productivity, in the 11.11 super sale on AliExpress. Every time there is something new coming out from Blackview, we always witness new features and upgraded efficiency and this time is no different. So what's new about this? Here is everything you need to know.

Detailed Specs

Apparently, the biggest draw of the latest Blackview Tab 15 no doubt belongs to all the features that are integrated together to provide up-a-notch entertainment experiences. These include the thinner and lighter 10.5-inch in-cell display, the largest ever in the Blackview tablet series, Widevine L1 support that enables 1080p video enjoyment on popular streaming services like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, as well as the first-ever quad-BOX Smart-K Speakers that provide stereo powerful audio pleasure. With a much bigger screen, ultra-clear viewing joy, pleasing sound, your leisurely indulgence with Blackview Tab15 in movies, games or music will all be taken to the next level.

As a versatile tablet, Tab 15 does not let you down with enhanced efficiency in both work or study. Thanks to its new updates in OS with the latest Android 12 and DokeOS_P 3.0 and up to 14GB RAM, the slate renders much fluent OS interaction from faster app-launching speed through no-lag gaming joy to seamless multitasking. Besides, with the upgraded PC Mode and wireless keyboard and mouse support, Blackview Tab 15 can act as a mini PC or a portable laptop while not sacrificing touch-screen convenience, boosting the efficiency of everything you do from office work to homeschooling.

The world premiere of Blackview Tab 15 will kick off on Nov.1st, 2022 (PT) on AliExpress at $160.99 with UP TO 50% OFF (down from $359.98) . Click here to know more information about Blackview Tab 15.

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