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Blackview Tab 15: Specifications Reveal for Upcoming 10.5inch Display with Smart-K Quad-Box Speakers, Widevine L1, Versatile PC Mode, 8280mAh Battery at A Affordable Price Tag


October, 21st


Once the Blackview Tab 13 was launched, it was highly sought after and loved by users with its SIMO Internet and up to 7280mAh big battery for long-lasting use. However, in Blackview, the pace of technological innovation has never stopped. Tipster revealed that Blackview Tab 15 is expected to debut in October. Several reveals surfaced on the internet suggesting specs about Blackview Tab 15, including 10.5-inches bigger screen than its 10.1-inch predecessor, Smart-K quad box speakers upgraded from dual box speakers, 8280mAh bigger battery compared with that of Blackview Tab 13, 8GB RAM & Up to 6GB expansion, 128GB ROM & up to 1TB Max TF expandable memory storage, 8MP+13MP cameras, playing important role in entertaining, working and studying. Here's what we know about the tablet at present.


Blackview Tab 15 Expected Specs

10.5-Inch Bigger Screen of Blackview Tab 15, Upgrade From 10.1-Inch of Predecessor

It is said that Blackview Tab 15 is a minimalist business style with Lunar Silver/Twilight Blue/Space Gray 3 optional appearances. It is equipped with a 10.5-inch 1920 * 1200HD screen bigger than 10.1-inch display of predecessor, up to 4% wilder view enjoyment. Blackview Tab 15 is suitable for the pleasure of following a TV series or watching short videos, playing exciting games or long-hours overseas business online video.

Smart-K Quad-BOX Speakers, Upgrade from Dual-Box Speakers

Previously it was predicted that Blackview Tab 15 will feature in Smart-K quad-box speakers, its 3D stereo HQ sound quality is better than the dual speakers design of its predecessor. Compared with dual box speakers, Blackview Tab 15 brings ultimate enjoyment of a sense of technology so that you can enjoy the epic theater-level movie at home with ease.Clear sound produced by the Smart-K Quad-BOX speakers without distortion and whip you into extreme excitement and thrill when gaming, listening to grand symphonies, and watching movies.

Widevine L1 Support 1080p of Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu

According to Blackview official, Blackview Tab 15 will support widevine L1 enabling you to enjoy 1080p ultra-clear cinema-level video and film on your tap. No need to buy a ticket for the movie theater for cost-saving and without space limitation.

Versatile PC Mode Design: The Mixed of Tablet & Laptop

It is likely that Blackview Tab 15 will become a portable notebook in seconds on the PC mode combined with keyboard + OTG mouse connection, working smarter and easier as if you were on a computer, instantly liberating productivity. At the same time, it acts as a mini PC or small size laptop with a responsive touching screen, speeding up your productivity as soon as possible. With its practical PC mode, there is no doubt that you can enjoy great convenience in editing business documents, taking class notes, and having online conferences.

The OS: Doke 3.0 system Based on Android 12

Doke OS_P 3.0 system based on Android 12 renders its extreme fluency experience and elegant UI interface that amuse you and save your time and it is well appraised by users on Blackview Tab 13. This perfect system continues to be delivered on Blackview Tab 15. It is said that its stable split screen mode allows entertainment and work to be carried out at the same time without any mistake, which can bring fun to the nervous workers and make boredom interesting. Its convenient notebook mode design makes you just write down every whim and important notes easily and its security privacy control mode can protect your personal information all the time. Invisible protection and visible peace of mind.

Longer Endurance Cell: 8280mAh Bigger Capacity than Previous Generation with 18W Fast Charging

Blackview Tab 15 will carry a 8280mAh battery to get you ready from daily media consumption to a heavier workload than its 7280mAh capacity of its previous generation, providing up to 14% of long-lasting use. When long online meetings or outdoor activities are required, its 18W fast charging will back you up for every moment. Measured 7.3mm slim and 525g light, its productivity and portability reaches max.

Camera: 13MP Sony® IMX258 Rear Camera & 8MP Samsung®S5K4H7 Front Camera

Nowadays, most mainstream tablets are equipped with 5+8MP cameras. However, Blackview Tab 15 is said to adopt 8MP Samsung®S5K4H7 front camera and designed with 13MP Sony® IMX258 rear camera, so it is sure that it will not only help to pass clearer scanned files to customers at daily routine job, but also film every beautiful moment that belongs to you. It not only provides you and your partners with HD video conferencing at work, but also offers you a high-quality clearer PPT while delivering a lecture.

CPU: Octa-T610´╝łUMS512)

According to official, Blackview Tab 15 is operated by the leading-edge octa-core dual 4G chipset, high performance T610´╝łUMS512) designed with 2 *A75 @1.8GHz , 5 *A55@1.8GHz, which enables you to enjoy upgrading from the outside to the inside. It will feature 8GB +up to 6GB=14GB RAM expansion, running faster no matter what you are enjoying. For storage capacity, Blackview Tab 15 is likely to deliver 128GB ROM and up to 1TB TF support to offer enormous space for digital recording or heavy workload.

According to the leaks, the Blackview Tab 15 will be launched with a 10.5-inch larger screen supported widevine L1 and Smart-K quad-box speakers, providing better audio-visual entertaining enjoyment. Its unique PC mode enables your tablet to become a laptop in seconds with a keyboard and an OTG mouse, improving the rhythm between life and work. At the same time, its upgraded 8GB+ up to 6GB RAM and 8280mAh high capacity battery, make sure you are not afraid of long online communication or staying up late to watch TV shows.

It is worth mentioning that an endurable protective case and anti-falling high permeability tempered film are freely provided for 360° full protection, providing you a better hand feeling while using.

Blackview Tab 15 will be launched on Nov.1st, making it a highly desirable pad with its super cost-effectiveness for the vast majority of users compared to other tablets. It's about to go public soon. Please keep looking forward to it.

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