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Blackview Aliexpress 618 Summer Sale 2022 Goes Live with Massive Discounts up to $264 off


June 27th, 2022


Blackview, a Chinese smart device vendor devoted to rugged lifestyle experience, is known for its endurable smartphones that are equipped with night-vision and thermal imaging cameras that differentiate themselves from those of Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi.

For decades, Blackview has been focusing on trouble-shooting and solid smart devices that can safeguard their user and embracing the idea of making people “Enjoy Smart Life”. It boasts smartphones for outdoor adventure lovers, mainstream smartphones for upgraded experience in work or entertainment, dedicated tablets for better study and work of the elderly, children and office workers, as well as smartwatches and earphones.

According to its latest news, Blackview, as a top seller on Aliexpress, is engaging in the mid-year shopping frenzy sale, rolling out a 618 shopping list that offers massive discounts with up to $264 off and covers most of the hot-sell products on Blackview AliExpress store to celebrate the 618 Mega Sale from June 27th to July 1st PT. Here are top picks that you don’t want to miss:

Blackview 618 Sale 2022 Top Deals:

Blackview BL8800 Pro
Blackview BL8800
Blackview BV8800
Blackview BV6600 Pro
Blackview BV6600
Blackview A95
Blackview Tab 11
Blackview Tab 12


5G Smartphones

Blackview BL8800 Pro : $599.99 $335.99 44% off

Ruggness IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H
Battery 8380mAh with 33W fast charge
Camera 50MP/FLIR® thermal/5MP thermal assisted/2MP depth rear cameras + 16MP front camera
CPU MediaTek Dimensity 700
Memory 8GB + 128GB
OS Doke OS 3.0 (Android 11)
Display 6.583-inch FHD+; Glove Mode

As Blackview’s first rugged phone supporting 5G connectivity and thermal imaging, Blackview BL8800 Pro features a lot to impress. 5G enhances everything you do -- faster uploads, downloads, streaming, and gaming. Thermal imaging applies widely as a mighty troubleshooting tool, an outdoor protection tool, and a tool to spice up your daily life. From detecting plumbing issues, checking the smoldering bonfire to taking funny thermal selfies, it answers all calls. Ascending to MIL-STD-810H, the latest military-grade certification revision, the toughness reaches a newer level. Doke OS 3.0 delivers an unmatched experience in efficiency, interactions, and aesthetics. An 8380mAh battery with 33W fast charge provides an ideal solution to battery anxiety. With the 50MP sensor, the camera performance won’t let you down. And most of all, the Glove Mode is for the first time available on Blackview phones to operate on the phone screen with gloves.

Blackview BL8800 : $499.99 $279.99 44% off

Ruggness IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H
Battery 8380mAh with 33W fast charge
Camera 50MP/20MP night vision/2MP depth rear cameras + 16MP front camera
CPU MediaTek Dimensity 700
Memory 8GB + 128GB
OS Doke OS 3.0 (Android 11)
Display 6.583-inch FHD+; Glove Mode

The 5G Blackview BL8800 keeps all the functions and features of Blackview BL8800 Pro that make the latter a serious rugged phone flagship. More differences lie in the camera configuration: Blackview BL8800 features the night vision function to see through the darkness and the 8MP 117° ultra-wide camera to frame more scenes into the lens. If thermal imaging isn’t a catch to you, the night vision Blackview BL8800 is more worthy of your bucks.

4G Smartphones

Blackview BV8800 : $299.99 $221.99 26% off

Ruggness IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H
Battery 8380mAh with 33W fast charge
Camera 50MP/20MP night vision/2MP depth rear cameras + 16MP front camera
Display 6.583-inch FHD+; 90Hz refresh rate
CPU MediaTek Helio G96
Memory 8GB + 128GB
OS Doke OS 3.0 (Android 11)

Blackview BV8800 is the 4G version of the Blackview BL8800, performing the leads when compared with the 4G rugged phone peers. It sports a camera system, including the 50MP main sensor, 20MP IR night vision, 8MP 117° ultra-wide camera, and 16MP front camera, to empower your photography. Moreover, it’s the first Blackview rugged phone to engineer the 90Hz high refresh rate fluid display and the Doke OS 3.0 for the best responsiveness, intuitiveness, and efficiency. Drawing power from the top-notch MediaTek Helio G96 with 8GB RAM & 128GB ROM and 8380mAh battery with a 33W fast charge, Blackview BV8800 brings everything to the next level.

Blackview BV6600 Pro : $399.99 $235.99 41% off

Ruggness IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810G
Battery 8580mAh with 18W fast charge
Camera 16MP rear camera + 8MP front camera
CPU MediaTek Helio P35
Memory 4GB + 64GB
OS Doke OS 2.0 (Android 11)
Display 5.7-inch HD+

If you don’t want to cost a fortune for a hands-on thermal imaging experience, the most affordable thermal rugged phone, Blackview BV6600 Pro, thermal by FLIR®, is the go-to choice. Besides, this thermal work phone packs a gigantic 8580mAh battery to keep powered up for days. To remain affordable, it’s undoubtedly that the BV6600 Pro has compromised on other features, including MediaTek Helio P35 with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, but still, it suffices to cover everyday tasks.

Blackview BV6600 : $199.99 $139.99 30% off

Battery 8580mAh
Ruggedness IP68 + IP69K +outstanding drops and shocks resistance
CPU MediaTek Helio A25, octa-core
Display 5.7 inches HD+
Camera Samsung® S5K3P9SX 16MP rear camera+Sony® IMX219 8MP front camera
OS Android 10
Navigation GPS & GLONASS & Beidou & Galileo
NFC / Dual 4G VoLTE Support

BV6600 is famed as one of the best battery beasts in its kind with 8580mAh battery capacity rivaling most of its peers that provide the same battery but at a higher price. On a single charge, BV6600 can get all your tasks tackled from dawn till midnight. Besides, BV6600 is designed to endure rough uses with IP68 and IP69K certification and solid structure inside out. Supporting 4 kinds of navigation systems, NFC support and dual 4G VoLTE, BV6600 is surely the best bet for those who love exploring mountains, forests, rivers, desert and others among the nature, while those who work and live in extreme environment or harsh weather conditions will benefit from the ultra-ruggedness of BV6600. The original price of BV6600 is already attractive, but the upcoming discount (60$ off) makes the deal even sweeter.

Blackview A95 : $199.99 $144.99 27% off

Display 6.528" HD+
Camera 8MP Front Camera+20MP Rear Camera
CPU MediaTek Helio A25, octa-core
Display MediaTek Helio P70+Octa-core
Battery 4380mAh
OS DokeOS 2.1 Android 11
Memory 8GB RAM 128GB ROM
Fast Charging 18W

Since the launch of A95, Blackview is often lauded for its exquisite craftsmanship in producing aesthetic smartphone targeted young users with powerful configuration at jaw-dropping low price. Among all its commendable features, A95 is most favored for its 20MP camera based on the advanced 4-in-1 binning technology that combines four neighboring 1μm pixels into a large 2μm super pixel to significantly improve low light photography by. It is an unmatched great delight for both professional photographers or shutter bugs by capturing a clear and low-noise picture regardless of the light conditions. In addition, 18 W fast charging takes the convenience of A95 up a notch; charge A95 when you wake up in the morning, and it is ready to go with you when you finish your morning routine. The smartphone is now offered only at 144.99$(55$ off). Lose no time to order one.

4G LTE Tablets

Blackview Tab 11 : $268.57 $194.99 27% off

Display 2000*1200 Resolution + Widevine L1 Certified
Camera 8MP Front Camera + 13MP Rear Camera
Battery 6580mAh
OS DokeOS_P 2.0 Based on Android 11
Memory 8GB RAM+128GBROM+1TB Expandable Storage

Backed by Widevine L1 certification, and 2K display Tab 11 represents Blackview’s initial attempt to respond to consumers’ need for streaming 1080p+ premium content on Youtube, Disney+ or Netflix. Tab 11 saves your money spent on cinema or theater as you can view HD quality video on the tablet just like on site without stepping out of your house and enduring the mood-spoiling noise made by other audiences. Besides, people rely on the tablet to store and download numerous episodes or large amounts of files or documents would never be disappointed by 128 GB ROM and up to 1TB expandable storage. Such a versatile slate is now offered at only 194.99$ with 27% off, and note that Tab 11 hardly sees any price reduction or deals in the whole year. This is no doubt a once-in-a year opportunity that you should take advantage of.

Blackview Tab 12 : $199.99 $139.99 30% off

Display 10.1 inches, 1200*1920,
Camera 5MP Front Camera 13MP Rear Camera
Battery 6580mAh Battery
OS Doke OS_P 2.0 Based on Android 11.0
Memory 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM, 1TB Expandable

Blackview introduces Tab 12 as the updated version of the best-seller, Tab 8, which is loved by its exceptional affordability and versatility, and Tab 12 has pushed them to a greater extent. Shipped with advanced in-cell technology-based clear display and upgrade to 1TB expandable storage, Tab 12 delivers unrestricted freedom to quality visual entertainment and a great capacity for work or study whether you are a TV-drama lover, workaholic, or student under massive academic pressure. Further, the slate is powered by a 6580mAh battery backed by more advanced algorithms and mature technology than its predecessor to keep you accompanied day in or day out and reduce the hassle of frequent charging. It is now available only at 139.99$ with a heavy discount (60$ off).

If these highlights in Blackview 618 sales cannot satisfy you, there are so many more nice tech gadgets available with jaw-dropping discounts which are only seen once in a year. Head over to the Blackview shopping portal to check out for more. If you have seen what you like, make sure that you order them before July 2nd.

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