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Blackview BV4900 Pro & Blackview A55 Pro Receive OS Upgrades/7GB RAM Expansion

Hi, my friend,

A piece of good news that might excite you – our hot-sell mid-end Blackview BV4900 Pro and Blackview A55 Pro get upgrades to level up the user experience for better smoothness and efficiency.

Blackview BV4900 Pro

Upgrades 1 – from Android 10 to Android 12
Upgrades 2 – from Doke OS 1.0 to Doke OS 3.0
Upgrades 3 – from 4GB RAM to 4GB RAM + 3GB Expandable

In general, the OS upgrades nail at improving personalization, safety (privacy protection), efficiency, and usability and bring leaping changes over its previous version.

1) Design: wallpaper-based color-changeable theme, DIY desktop, and reshapable icons
2) Safety: Privacy Dashboard to control app access all in one space
3) Efficiency: Smart CPU scheduling, AI-preloading, and animation enhancements
4) Usability: versatile Smart float windows

The RAM expansion is an emerging technology you can find in giant phone brands. As apps become memory-intensive and we download more and more apps, the small-RAM phones fail to blow through heavy-loading multitasking. With the RAM expansion, you don’t have to pay extra costs for a larger RAM phone. And multitasking is more at ease than ever.

One thing to note, old users of BV4900 Pro cannot enjoy OS upgrades and RAM expansion via OTA. And the updated version will hit the market soon. You can learn more details from the Blackview Official Website. Stay tuned.

Blackview A55 Pro

Upgrade – from 4GB RAM to 4GB RAM + 3GB Expandable

Blackview A55 Pro only supports the new RAM expansion technology extending its original 4GB of RAM to 7GB. Again, the RAM expansion is not available to the sold A55 Pro.

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