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Up to $330 off Early Bird Offers in 1 Day: Blackview BL8800 5G Series Premiere Kicks off

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Have you been waiting for a long time? Our new 5G series flagships, Blackview BL8800 and Blackview BL8800 Pro, now officially hit the market with top-notch performance and battle-tested durability. Before May 27th PT, they provide limited-time early bird offers, and you can get the BL8800 at $219.99 ($280 off) and BL8800 Pro at $269.99 ($330 off).

Remember that Blackview BL8800 and BL8800 Pro are different only in one aspect — the former has a night vision camera while the latter with a FLIR® thermal imaging camera. Choose your favorite one, or you can have both. The first 500 units can enjoy the offers. If you're interested, lose no time to snap up.

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Since some fans have curious about how powerful the Blackview BL8800 series is, we compare it with another thermal phone. It's clear-cut that the Blackview BL8800 series wins. Blackview BL8800 Pro not only sports an advanced FLIR® thermal imager but integrates a series of killer specs at a considerably lower price. Though without the thermal imaging, Blackview BL8800 supports night vision and other functions and features similar to the BL8800 Pro, also meriting your favors. In terms of overall performance and price, Blackview BL8800 and BL8800 Pro are too-good-to-miss. You don't have to fork out more to get one.

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