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Sales: Ivy Ye,  Agent 100035JU 

Why Samsung TFT / OLED Screen hot sell?
Dear friend,

How are you today? How is business there?

For Samsung LCD, original screen still more expensive, Now more and more customers prefer TFT and OLED quality. Do you know why?

1. Quality good,  display color close to original
2. Perfect installation, same thickness

3. Price much cheaper than original, more accepatable for end users
4. Higher profit for repairing stores or wholesalers
According to our market date, Samsung about TFT/OLED takes 70% market share. How about you? Already bought TFT/OLED?

Our Bizbee sells 30,000 pcs every month with no return. Customers give very good feedback to it.
Here some hot sell models price list for your reference.
             Samsung LCD Assembly Wholesale Price
                 Whatsapp Ivy: +8615712180752
                            March 12th
S5 $16.25  /
S6 / $45.20 
S7 $35.00  $49.75 
A80 $29.50  /
A90 / $68.17 
A71 / $58.96 
A70 $25.80  $40.50 
A51 $26.35  $38.70 
A50S $24.50  $35.90 
A50 $24.50  $35.90 
A30 $24.50  $35.90 

Also our other brands big sale, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, LG, Surface pro, etc, price will be better for big quantity.
It is my great honnor to serve you. You can just register with my name Ivy Ye or Agent number 100035JU on our website, $10 discount for first order as business good start.

Some logo parts not online, welcome to inquiry on whatsapp.
Price negotiable for bigger quantity order. 
In our company policy, the price of products is negotiable, but the quality+delivery time+after service must be good then.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Best regards,
Senior Sales Manager
Ivy Ye

WhatsApp: +8615712180752   Skype: ivy@ettrends.com 

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