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How to choose ipad touch assembly?

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How to choose iPad touch screens correctly?
Here you can compare detials.
Other company:
✘ The ribbon cable is pasted randomly, which will easily cause the customer to
install the ribbon cable on the iPad case.
① Can not be installed. ②Failures such as not touching the part of the touch
✘ The quality inspection personnel have weak technical ability, and the quality
personnel have no installation and maintenance experience
✘ No process for testing

Our products:
 The flat cable paste standard, perfect use after the customer installs
  The quality inspection personnel have strong technical ability and rich
installation and maintenance experience
  The quality inspection personnel are trained and qualified to work to
ensure that the quality of the shipped products is qualified
Original Tesa Glue adhesive
Adhesive: Generally high copy could meet nearly all customers needs, especially wholesalers.
For repairing stores, some customers perfer original or Tesa adhesive because stronger sticker. 
iPad Packaging
Here some prices for your reference, if you need more, please let me know.

Touch assembly with adhesive, camera ring, home button
iPad 2 High copy $4.67     Original adhesive $5.11 
iPad 3 High copy $4.67 Original adhesive $5.11 
iPad 4 High copy $4.88 Original adhesive $5.33 
iPad mini 
1/2 High copy $6.20     Original adhesive $6.67 

Contact with us to prepare stocks now. :D

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