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                                                  iPhone 11 TM incell Screen Hot Sell
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Dear Boss,
Good day. 

Since the iPhone 11 was released in September last year, the repair needs has gradually increased. Many wholesale and repair shop customers have begun to increase the purchase of iphone 11 series screens.

As China technoloy improve, iPhone 11 series, also have new versions now, TM brand and good quality, like iphone other models. Here list for your comparison.

Model No.
TFT LCD TM incell Hard
iPhone X $30.00 $32.00 $39.00 $63.00 $78.00
iPhone XR $32.00 $35.00 / / $37.00
iPhone XS $32.00 $33.00 $65.00 $78.00 $83.00
iPhone XS Max $75.00 $83.00 $116.00 $124.00 $135.00
iPhone 11 / $47.00 / / $51.00
iPhone 11 pro / / / $199.00 $268.00
iPhone 11 pro Max / / / / $165.00

It is my great honnor to serve you. You can just register with my name Ivy Ye or Agent number 100035JU on our website, $10 discount for first order as business good start.

Register here with agent 100035JU.

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Price negotiable for bigger quantity order.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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Senior Sales Manager
Ivy Ye

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