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Newest Laser Machine TBK-958C with 10 inch Monitor
            Remove phone phone back glass and print on metal, wood, leather..

$1450----Newest Laser Machine TBK-958C with 10 inch Monitor 

Dear Manager,

Good day!

This is Ivy from Bizbee, mobile phone parts, repairing tools and machines supplier from China since 2009.

Recently this new machine TBK 985C really really very hot sell. Each repairing store needs, wholesalers also get more to distributor locally. Hot products make business grow better for our customers also. So we suggest you to get this chance.

1. Easily remove mobile phone back cover within seconds, for iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, VIVO, Oppo etc, no need to disassemble the phone, just put on the machine. 
(Laser light burned the glue, then disassembly the back glass)
2. Laser printing on Metal, wood, leather etc, decoration, and other industry also.

100% safe, no harmless of the laser flight even you put your hand behind.

For more information on how to operate the TBK-958C machine, please watch the video:

It is my great honnor to serve you. You can just register with my name Ivy Ye or Agent number 100035JU on our website, $10 discount for first order as business good start.

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Ivy Ye

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