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Laser Machine upgraded to TBK-958C with 10 inch Monitor
Dear friend,

Maybe you have heard the TBK-958A and TBK-958B Laser machine (fast removing mobile phone back glass) before. Good news again, the laser machine upgarde to TBK-958C with 10 inch monitor, only we have the newest version. 
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Function: Remove mobile phone back cover within seconds, for iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, VIVO, Oppo etc, no need to disassemble the phone, just put on the machine. It is really easy and save a lot of time. We suggest that each mobile phone repairing stores should own one. 


1.6W power laser head
2. Easier operation, built-in HD computer, 180 degree movable 10 inch LCD monitor (biggest improvement). Old one only 8 inch inside of the machine, not movable.
3. Built-in accurate drawings
4. Use high-speed galvanometer
5. Imported sensor auto focus
6. Equipped with wireless mouse and keyboard set
7. One-key electric lifting table and professional positioning table
8. Free Universal pressure maintaining mold
9. Free TBK antomatic fixture
10. Competitive price, better than before, total only

The bigger hole back glass is available for iPhone 8G~SE 2020,
below is the price for your reference:
8G---------------$1.08 (White, Black, Gold, Red)
8Plus-----------$1.08 (White, Black, Gold, Red)
X----------------$1.08(White, Black), $2.22 other colors
XR--------------$1.08 (White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Coral)
XS--------------$1.08 (White, Black), $1.17 other colors
XS Max--------$1.08 (Black, White), $2.22 other colors
11 Pro----------$9.78
11 Pro Max---$9.78
SE 2020-------$1.08
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