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Sales: Ivy Ye,  Agent 100035JU 
Hi dear friend,

How is your mask business?

This is Ivy from Bizbee China, offering disposable masks, KN95 and relative products, best price and best quality.

To control best quality, China Custom issued strict control of masks every requirements.

Our quality, package, standard, documents, no problem for shipping. We will make sure everything okay before shipment. 
Quality and comliance will be more important for customers to clear Custom and get goods.

We offer Direct flight: receiving 1-2 days, faster and cheaper cost. 

Updated prices list for you.

GX KN95 mask 4 ply with CE certification, MOQ 50,000PCS
$1.26/pcs for 50,000~60,000pcs
$1.24/pcs for 60,001~100,000pcs
$1.21/pcs for 100,001~500,000pcs

YJ civil disposable mask 3 ply with CE certifaction,MOQ 100,000pcs
$0.22/pcs  100,000~300,000pcs
$0.21/pcs for 300,000~600,000pcs
$0.20/pcs for 60,001~3,000,000pcs

$0.11/pcs, CAMCLEAN Disposable Nitrile Gloves S/M/L MOQ 30,000pcs Blue

Non-contact infrared thermometer gun for medical with CE and FDA certification
$29.5/pcs, MOQ 500pcs

Now the latest requirements:
For civil mask:

1. "NON MEDICAL" should be printed on the package.
2. No CE mark printed on the package and product.
3. Certifcate of quality should be same as the standard one, including Non medical, material percentage, stamp of factory true name. 

4. Joint declaration signed by the exporter and importer. 

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If anything you need, please kindly let me know. Thanks!

Wish you everything good, safe and good business.  

Best regards,

Senior Sales Manager
Ivy Ye

Agent No.: 100035JU

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E-mail: ivy@bizbee.com

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