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Sales: Ivy Ye,  Agent 100035JU 
Hi dear friend,

This is Ivy from Bizbee, best wishes to you and your family. Please kindly take care.

As the virus getting worse, protective masks big demand, big sale, big customers wholesale tens of thousands each order. Here more information of our best seller, disposable masks.

Comfortable and soft material, block 5μm particles> 90%, 100% waterproof.
1. Size 17.5* 9.5 cm  Standard: GB15979-2002
2. Material powerful filtering 3 layers
3. One carton: 1500pcs, one small box: 50pcs
Carton Size: 39x 52 x 32 cm
Weight/Carton: 13KG
MOQ: 1500pcs

Civil Disposable mask, most competitive mask
$0.26/pcs for 1500-61,500pcs
$0.25/pcs for 63,000-307,500pcs
$0.24/pcs for 309,000-61,6500
$0.23/pcs for 618,000-3,085,500pcs

Our factory Capacity: 1,000,00pcs each day, shipment 1-2 days.
We could arrange direct flights to your airport, receiving need one day.


Wish you everything good, safe and good business.  If any needs, please kindly let me know asap. Thanks!

Best regards,

Senior Sales Manager
Ivy Ye

Agent No.: 100035JU

Tel/ Whatsapp: +(86) 15712180752
Skype: ivy@ettrends.com
E-mail: ivy@bizbee.com

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