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Sales: Ivy Ye,  Agent 100035JU 
Dear friends, 

Wish you and your family safe. No big effect from COVID-19.

Urgent news: As COVID-19 infection and deaths grows so fast, shipping to overseas also great effected. We got more anti-COVID-19 Products for help.      

Our sincere and warm reminding:
No time to wait, time is money, catching time is saving lives.            
1. DHL stop shipping to more countriesIndia, Nepal, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Comoros, Mauritius, Reunion Island, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sao Tome and Principe, Republic of Somalia, Mayotte, Libya, Venezuela, some cities for (Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Portugal, Czech Republic)

2. DHL shipping about 5-7 days slower than before. Only one flight to one country per week.

3. DHL will stop shipping totally to all countries about April 10th, or earlier. This situation will last 2-3 months.

4. Your government and hospitals are extremely shortage of anti-virus products. We could offer if you know some one in Government or hosiptals. 

Here more products for Anti-Coronavirus

$0.29/pcs  JD Civil Disposable mask CE 1-2 days MOQ 20000 pcs
$1.95/pcs KN95 Protective Mask for Kids CE & FDA 1-2 days MOQ 500 pcs
$1.62/pcs SINPUL-KN95 Protective Mask CE 1-2 days MOQ 1000 pcs
$2.68/pcs 3M 9502+ Protective Mask 1-2 days MOQ 50 pcs
$0.48/pcs FRS Medical Disposable mask CE & FDA 3-5 days MOQ 3,000,000 pcs
$1.52/pcs MDL-KN95 Protective Mask CE & FDA 1-2 days MOQ 10,000 pcs
$4.25/pcs White Breathable Film Protective Suit#175(180-185CM) 1-2 days MOQ 1000 pcs
$2.80/pcs K006 Goggles with Valve (Anti-fog) CE 2-3 days MOQ 1000 pcs
$0.68/pcs YJ-2001 Telescopic Hanging Ear Goggles CE 2-3 days MOQ 1200 pcs
$0.06/pcs Disposable Nitrile Gloves Black 1-2 days MOQ 100 pcs
$0.06/pcs Disposable Nitrile Gloves Violet Blue 1-2 days MOQ 100 pcs
$0.10/pcs Spray Bottle 100ML 2-3 days MOQ 1000 pcs
$6.50/pcs (Simple Configuration Version) Epidemic Detection Kit to test COVID-19 virus CE 5 days MOQ 2000 pcs
$0.05/pcs Medical Disposable PVC Gloves Transparent 1-2 days MOQ 100 pcs
$0.53/pcs Surgical Disposable PVC Gloves Transparent CE 1-2 days MOQ 100 pcs
No time to wait, time is money, catching time is saving lives.

Wish you everything good, safe and good business.  If any needs, please kindly let me know asap. Thanks!

Best regards,

Senior Sales Manager
Ivy Ye

Agent No.: 100035JU

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