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Sales: Ivy Ye,  Agent 100035JU 
As the COVID-19 spreading so fast, we are very concerned about the overseas safety. Here we developed more protective parts for the overseas market. For masks, we ship out more than 50,000pcs each day. We wish people could well protect themselves to over come this hard time.
Here some products for Anti-Coronavirus for you 

"JD Civil Disposable mask (MOQ:10,000pcs) With CE"     $0.29
"U-HEALTH KN95 Protective Mask (MOQ:100PCS) With CE"    $1.80
"KN95 Protective Mask (MOQ:2000 Boxes) With CE"    Small box    $1.60
"KN95 Protective Mask for kids(MOQ: 2000pcs) With CE & FDA"    $1.90
"HX KN95 Medical Mask with Valve(MOQ:2000PCS) With CE"     $2.48
Disposable Nitrile Gloves(100 pcs /lot) Violet Blue    Lot    $5.49
"Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Gun(MOQ:100PCS)With CE"     $45.70
"Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Gun(MOQ:1000PCS)With CE"   $37.51
"UNI-T UT300H Infrared Thermometer Gun(MOQ:100PCS)With CE"  $42.63
"Spray Bottle 100ML(1000pcs/Box)"      $94.71
"Ultraviolet Mobile Phone/Mask Sterilizer"      $16.10
"COLIMIDA Handheld Portable Ozone Germicidal Lamp"   $11.42
"SENDEM N96 Isolation Protective Mask(10pcs/Lot)"    $12.28
"Green Spring Epidemic Detection Kit(25 pcs/box MOQ:4000 box)With CE " $119.86
Passed CE, PDF certificate.
(If masks do not have these certifications, there will be hidden risks of quality and risks of customs clearance. )
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Our sincere and warm remiding:
1. Please kindly take care. Everyone need to wear mask even not sick, protect yourself from virus. It could spread from patients' sneeze spray. Staying at home will be better, no gathering, no party.
2. Prepare more mask, food, at least 14 days, if one month, that will be great.
3. DHL shipping slower 2-3 days than before. Some cities alread closed, could not receiving goods.
If anything you need, please let me know asap.

Things change very fast. Faster action, easier living, working and life.

Wish you everything good, safe and good business. Discount and gift will be offered after registration with my name Ivy Ye or Agent number 100035JU on our website.

Best regards,

Senior Sales Manager
Ivy Ye

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