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The Most Comprehensive Solution of Touch Compatibility Failure with iPhone 7,7+,8,8+, XR Original LCD

Have you ever installed an original iPhone 7, 7+, 8 or 8+ LCD into your customer’s phone only to find that the touch isn’t working? Or perhaps the touch was okay when you checked it, but your customer still comes back the next day saying it has stopped working? It’s easy to blame this problem on a faulty screen, but it may not be as simple as that.

Today we’re going to explain you the touch issue of iPhone 7G,7P,8G,8P after screen replaced accordingly.

Reason - Why so many touch issues happen on iPhone 7-8P

There are three companies who make LCDs for the iPhone 7 - 8+; LG, Toshiba, and Sharp. Although the LCDs themselves are made to Apple’s strict specification, compatibility between iPhone devices varies greatly. So the problem occurs when screens replaced.
BIZBEE made hundreds of tests and gained the results below.
● If your iPhone was originally a Toshiba or Sharp LCD and you cross install between these 2 manufacturers there is roughly a 10% chance of bad touch.
● If the iPhone was originally an LG LCD and you cross install with a Toshiba or Sharp LCD then there is a 50% - 60% chance of touch problems because LG’s sensitivity range distribution is very different to these 2 manufacturers. 
This probably explains why, if you install an LCD and experience touch problems, then install another LCD and it works, you’d automatically assume a bad LCD. However, it is possible you’ve just switched manufacturer and got lucky. If you used the suspected bad LCD in the next repair it would more than likely work with no issues.

Solution -

To recognize the manufacturers of the LCDs, you may look at the backlight panel, there is a long serial code which might not look like it means anything but can be decoded to the following. The first three letters identify the maker of the LCD and 3D touch panel and the remaining digits are the serial- unique to that LCD.
● Toshiba LCDs and 3D touch panels start with C11 or F7C

● Sharp LCDs and 3D touch panels start with DKH or C0N

● LG LCDs and 3D touch panels start with DTP or C3F

For those who never replaced their screen before, please check the serial number of your original LCD and choose a corresponding new LCD to have a replacement.
For those who have already replaced their screens before, you need to find what manufacturer your original screen belongs to. 
Here you need the “3Utools”.

Install the “3Utools” in your computer. Unlock your iPhone and connect it to the computer, click “View Verification Report” to check the original screen’s info and choose a corresponding new LCD to have a replacement.

OK! Here comes another problem. What if the replacement screen we use are refurbished LCDs? How do we confirm the manufacturers then?

The good news is BIZBEE will print the corresponding code on screen touch IC so that you can figure out what manufacturers the screen belongs to quickly.

Still we prepare the distinguishing methods of other companies’ screens for you .
① For refurbished screens with original backlight, the backlight is not brand new and the indicator stays intact.

② For refurbished screens with non-original backlight, we can check the home button area. LG has a long coding in the block diagram on the LCD flex cable exposing from the home button area, while Toshiba without any coding on its LCD flex cable and Sharp has only a rectangular bar on its LCD flex cable.


Complement - iPhone XR

iPhone XR LCDs are made by only two manufacturers, LG and Toshiba. LG has a square QR code on its display flex cable connector, while Toshiba has a rectangular QR code on its display flex cable connector.


Conclusion -

So, in summary, choose the corresponding LCD versions to prevent from touch compatibility issues if you can confirm the original screen version. If not, we recommend LG screens as it is the highest market share screens among those three manufacturers. If you do experience touch problems with an original LCD then before returning it as faulty, try it in your next repair and it may just work. Or you can just buy our replacement screens version, which would be definitely without the touch compatibility issues. 


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