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Do you still spend hours to replace iPhone 8G~Xs Max back glass?  
Today I'd like to share one perfect and more convenient solution with you. It can help you save lots of workers' salary.
Firstly, remove broken back glass by TBK laser machine. It only takes seconds to remove all, no need to take out wireless charging, battery, rear camera or screen etc at all.
No matter how badly the back glass broken, it can be cleared within seconds. The TBK laser machine works on iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, VIVO and OPPO etc.
The cost is only $1850.

To check operation video, please click above picture. You will watch related video at my youtube..
Secondly, then paint on glue, put on the bigger hole iPhone back glass directly. No need to take out rear camera, camera lens with frame at all. That's it.

If you have more budget, the following full set will be faster for your repairing.
1. Laser machine to remove the back glass $1850
2. TBK 985B auto positioning fixture $190 
3. TBK holding of mould $40
4. Glue Gun $5

Saving time: 
1.No need to diassemble phone, just put the whole phone on the plateform.
It just take seconds to remove the inside glue by laser.
2. No need to take out of the back camera, just put big hole back glass, fast, and perfect fit.

If you don't want to buy TBK laser machine, the bigger hole back glass can also be used the same after you remove broken back glass manually.
The bigger hole back glass is available for iPhone 8G~Xs Max, below is the price for your reference:
8G--------$1.8 (White, Black, Gold, Red)
8Plus----$1.8 (White, Black, Gold, Red)
X----------$2.0(White, Black)
XR--------$2.0 (White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Coral)
XS---------$2.2 (White, Black, Gold)
XS Max--$2.3 (Black, White, Gold)


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