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Hello my dear friend,
How are you? Wish you enjoy life,  happy work and also great business.

Are you a repairing stores or wholesaler? Do you know iPhone screen incell techonology?
Really glad to share our NCC incell technology with you. It is same as original, but high copy price, with perfect feedback. Can't wait to share more information with you.

1. Most leading In-cell Technology: Same structure as original. Touch will be more sensitive and stable.

2. Best stablility: touch panel in LCD layer, well protected, even phone drops, inside touch could work well.

3. Absolutely Original experience in all aspects, thickness, fitness of installation, smooth touch etc.  

4. Orginal flex material and structure, cable much durable, resistant to be broken.

5. Never Experienced Before: Original brightness + Original color 

Here is the latest prices for NCC in Cell for you as reference 
Free shipping for over 60pcs. Free repairing tools for first order.
$22.48------------6s plus
$20.50-----------7 Plus
$21.50-----------8 Plus

Why choose us?

1. No.1 high level customized aftermarket screen, perfect performance as original, sucn as NCC, NCC Pro, NCC Incell, and more coming soon. Professional R&D team supports us.

2. 10 years professinal business expericence in this industry, offer you best suitable product, technical support and service.

3. Extremely wide product range, repairing parts and accessorries for all smartphone brands, such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Macbook, surface pro etc.

4.Strict quality control, 40 steps to test quality, make sure each product 100% working before shipment.

5. Very low defective rate, screen lower <0.76%, battery <0.5%, other parts 0%

6. Online shop, order fast, order at any time, 24 hours service.

7. Life time warranty, free replacements could be offered in advance before returns.

8. Our sales team whole-hearted and professinal service and best recommendation.
Wish to talk more with you. If any request, please do let me know.
Expecting to do win-win business with you. Thanks!

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