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Sales: Ivy Ye,  Agent 100035JU 

       iPhone XR Screen OEM Most Competitive Quality

Dear customer ,
Recently more and more iPhone X XR XS MAX need repairing.
So more demands for  iphone x series screens, nearly 4000pcs one month sold out in our company, no compliant! Feedback is very positive!
Really glad to show our iPhone XR screen, OEM, high copy TFT and Foxconn original comparision for you.

XR Foxconn original: full original new, best performance

XR OEM: all original materials, original lcd, flex, IC, blacklight
Performance mostly close to Foxconn original, also price near to high copy, strongly recommend.

XR TFT: High copy material, good performance, with very high brightness.
The VIP prices :
iPhone XR Foxconn screen --------108$
iPhone XR OEM screen -------------63$
iPhone XR TFT screen --------------56$ 

iPhone X series customized package to keep safe during transportation.

And more than 10 pcs, free DHL shipping !

Life time warranty
100% fully test for 3 times before shipment, low defective rate <0.76%
Professional R&D team
Fast shipment by DHL within 1-2 days
PayPal, bank transfer (USD, AUD, EURO, Pound, RMB)

Please kindly registered with my name Ivy or Agent ID 100035JU on our website,we will udpate you technical support once a week. :D 

WhatsApp: +8615712180752   Skype: ivy@ettrends.com 

Best regards,

Senior Sales Manager
Ivy Ye

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