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Sales: Ivy Ye,  Agent 100035JU 
Samsung OLED Screen, 30,000pcs sale/month, same as original quality
Dear friend,

How are you today?

Have you ever heard about Samsung OLED aftermarket screen?  
It is really great quality, with great feedback, glad to share with you.

What advantages OLED Samsung screen will bring to you?  

1. Vivid True Color display as origiginal, video here
2. Same thickness as Original, perfect installation

3. Among all qualities, Samsung OLED screen takes 70% market share in Shenzhen, A J series biggest sale in the market.
Our Bizbee sells 30,000 pcs every month with no return. Customers give very good feedback to it.
Another important point is that: its 
price is much lower than Original, almost half cost for hot sale models.  

Also our other brands big sale, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, LG, Surface pro, etc, price will be better for big quantity.
Today is the best day for you to prepare your stocks.
We have 4 days Labor Day holiday from May 1 to 4th.
We will be back to work on May 5th.
This weekend we will work too, work till to April 30th. :)
DHL will pick up all parcels of April 30th, and send them on May 3th. :)
So today is the best day for you to make an order :)
If you make an order today, we can prepare them on weekend and send the parcel out before April 30th.

In order not to influence your shortage stocks, you can make an order today now :D

Best regards,

Ivy Ye
Senior Sales Manager


Agent No.: 100035JU

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