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Sales: Ivy Ye,  Agent 100035JU 

Big orders for NCC ESR iPhone screen

Good news, NCC ESR iphone screen, best seller, more and more big wholesalers mainly from USA, Australia and Europe, buy thousands of lcds each order. Bigger quantity, price surely be more competitive. I believe you also want it.

Feedback amazing, booming sales continue, some customers already asked about exclusive agent in their countries. You will find every store has NCC ESR soon. You could be the agent to win big business.

The main difference from ordinary ones are NCC ESR with perfect high brightness, amazing color, with full view polarizer sun-glass passed, same to original quality, but high copy price. 100% worthy and help your business.



NCC ESR wholesale price for you. Very competitive price, more wholesalers buy from us and wants to be exclusive agent in their countries.
NCC ESR LCD Wholesale 2000pcs Wholesale
6G $12.10 $12.38 $13.13
6S $14.99 $15.33 $16.26
7G $15.43 $15.78 $16.74
8G $15.53 $15.88 $16.85
6 plus $14.65 $14.99 $15.98
6s plus $17.54 $17.94 $19.02
7 plus $18.22 $18.63 $19.76
8 plus $18.23 $18.65 $19.78

No MOQ requirement
Life time warranty
100% fully test for 3 times before shipment
Fast shipment by DHL
PayPal, bank transfer

Please kindly registered with my name Ivy Ye or Agent ID 100035JU on our website, $10 discount or gift for you as support. Really appreciated.

WhatsApp: +8615712180752   Skype: ivy@ettrends.com 

Best regards,
Ivy Ye

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