Do you need OEM quality iPhone screens with half prices?​
---free samples available for our new clients to test the quality. 

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Dear friend,
I hope this email finds you well. This is Doris Li from Bizbee Limited, your trustworthy supplier for phone parts. 

Are you tired of bad quality lcd screens from your current suppliers? Today I'd like to recommend our company exclusive customized NCC FIT COLOR X ESR IPHONE LCD SCREENS to you, 
OEM quality with only half prices of OEM screens. Below are the details: 

Main product features:


1. Use OEM standard IC and connectors, same screen thickness as OEM screens, help you get OEM grade installation experience: 

2. Use real 3M ESR materials and OEM grade backlight, high brightness, visible under sunglasses as OEM screen: 

3. Apply latest ultra wide color technology, similar good display color as OEM screens: 

4. True tone display, makes eyes more comfortable: 

5. Hard force to the display, no water ripple: 

6. Touch works even with broken front glass: 

7. Packed in nice safe retail package: 

How much do those NCC FIT COLOR X IPHONE LCD SCREENS cost? Plz check picture as below. 


We sold them to many big repair shops and wholesalers every month, and we got many positive feedbacks! Would you like to test our screen quality?If yes, plz contact me to get free samples! 
Our Guarantee:


• Bulk in stock, can offer you fast shipping!
• All screens triple fully tested before shipment, <0.76% faulty rate!
• Lifetime warranty, can offer you replacements fast!


Please register with my name Doris or agent ID 100002D8 to become our VIP client first,  then I can offer you coupon for your order.


Best regards,
Doris Li
Sales Manager
Bizbee Limited