Dear manager,

How are you and your business recently? I hope everything goes well with you. We are offering customers competitive offer for Samsung screens in April 2019. Below are the details.

1. For Samsung Galaxy S Series:

S7: original, $73/piece
S7 edge: original, $116/piece
S8: original, $117.7/piece
S8 Plus: original, $151.8/piece
S9: original, $155.9/piece
S9 Plus: original, $160.8/piece

2. For Samsung Galaxy A Series:

A3: TFT, $15.1/piece
A5: TFT $12.5/piece, OLED $32/piece
A6: TFT $13.38/piece
A7 2016: TFT $23.2/piece
A7 2017: OLED $32/piece
A8: OLED $34.4/piece

3. For Samsung Galaxy J Series:

J3: TFT $10.46/piece
J4 2018(J400): TFT $12.52/piece
J4: OLED $30.29/piece
J5: TFT $10.12/piece, OLED $29.26/piece
J6 2018: TFT $12.87/piece
J7: TFT $11.67/piece
J8 2018: TFT $15.1/piece
For more models or brands of mobile phone & tablet screens, other spare parts, accessories, repair tools and refurbish machines, pls contact me for more details, or visit our company online store to view our products at Pls leave my name "Doris" when you register on this website, and then you will get VIP prices and services. 
Best regards,
Doris Li
Sales Manager
Bizbee/ETtrends Group