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Accumulate intently and steadily in a tranquil world to make a difference.

The New World Riverside Villa is located in Er Sha Island which is the really high-end central villa area in Guangzhou.


This location is surrounded by the Pearl River, facing the main channel of Pearl River to the south, sub River channel to the north, Dongshan Lake Park to the northwest and Dashatou Wharf to the west. The Island is also near to the Zhudao Hotel and the Wuyang New Town. All these unique geographical advantages give Er Sha Island the necessarily scarce resources for luxury area.


In order to achieve an exquisite, delicate and plain construction result, the designer is absorbed in keeping clean lines and structural features. Moreover, the designer creates a changeful, unique, lighthearted and modern Chinese style effect in the same space by properly matching art and furniture of different styles including Chinese style, modern style and vintage style.


A perfect integration of oriental tradition with modernization by fully utilizing the simple and quaint elements.


The designer uses natural color and environment-friendly materials to compose a modest temperament, which constructs a perfect area of an unadorned and low-key aura for a luxury beauty.


The bright and open restaurant design runs through the entire space conveniently and comfortably.


G.e.t. Casa provides the homeowner and designer with an entire product solution of walls and floors, including products of the first line Italian tile brands such as Cerdisa, Sant’Agostino, Iris, Coem and Bardelli. All the efforts are just made the final presentation completely perfect.

G.e.t. Casa此次為業主與設計師提供了整體的牆地產品解決方案,配合設計師的精美設計,提供了包括Cerdisa爵帝莎、Sant’Agostino、Iris意力斯、Coem卡恩以及Bardelli百得利等意大利一線瓷磚品牌的產品,使最終效果得以完美呈現。

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Corrispondenza 幻繪系列 20cm x 20cm
Quarzite 石英岩系列 60cm x 60cm
Shadestone 石築系列 60cm x 60cm
Reverso2 灰華系列 60cm x 60cm
E-wood 環保木系列 15cm x 90cm
Steamwood 熏木系列 20cm x 120cm
Landstone 石灰岩系列 80cm x 180cm
About the Designers 設計師簡介

AlsonDesign is a medium-sized and cutting-edge design consultancy, providing the service of promoting brand value and makes it as the core. Its design services cover the interior space, brand identity system, post soft decoration, gardening design and other supporting business.

AlsonDesign develops various business including catering space, commercial space, real estate, clubs and boutique hotels, etc. Relying its professional artistic perspective, AlsonDesign could satisfy clients with the aesthetic requirements of different levels.



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成立於1998年,G.e.t. Casa現時已是進口瓷磚及木地板行業中的領先成員之一。秉承著「時尚生活·時尚品味」的宗旨,我們一直致力為客戶蒐羅意大利時尚和高質的瓷磚和優質歐洲原裝木地板產品。我們獲得由綜合商業媒體CORPHUB頒發的「大中華年度最具信譽建築裝飾材料供應商」、「香港最優秀企業大獎」,由香港社會服務聯會頒發的「商界展關懷」標誌,由香港亞洲品牌發展協會頒發的「香港最受歡迎品牌」等多個獎項和榮譽,以表彰G.e.t. Casa在建築裝飾材料行業及社會中的出色成就和貢獻。

Established in 1998, G.e.t. Casa is one of the leading members in the industry of imported tile and wood flooring. Adhering to “Beyond Living, Beyond Lifestyle”, we are committed to searching Italian-made, fashionable and high quality tiles and European wood flooring products for our customers. We are awarded the " Greater China's Most Reputed Building Decorative Materials Distributor " and the "Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Awards" by CORPHUB, the "Caring Company" issued by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the "Hong Kong Famous Brands" and others awards and honors, to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of Get Casa in the industry and society.

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