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       From iPhone 8G and above models , all with back glass cover , do you face many customers look for repair the back glass and you take much time to change a back glass ? 
       As you know , the salary very high for your technicians , if you don't have an useful tool , waste much time and much money .

Bizbee recommend this M-Triangel Mi one Automatic Laser machine , easy operating , remove a iPhone back glass in 5 minutes , and no need take apart the monther board ,battery and other small parts . Save your time and salary .
Smaller weight and smaller volume , around 18kg after packaging , save many shipping cost .
Customize logo for your clients , you can use the laser machine print the logo on your clients products ,expand your business.
What price for this laser machine ? 
When you remove back glass with laser machine , there will cause bad smell , so  you need a smoker machine .
Here I recommend " TBK-638 Mini Efficient Purification Smoking Instrument
Smaller machine , but high working 
effectiveness , only $94
If you interested , I can send you more details about this machine , include the operational video  . Please reply me if you still have this troble , or message to me on Whatsapp :
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