Dear friend, 

The iPhone 12 series are launched for a while, do you get well prepared for it? 
Bizbee is glad to introduce the top 7 accessories for iPhone 12 mini/12/ 12 pro/12 Pro max. 

Top 1: Apple EU Plug 20W USB-C PD Power Adapter with Package
Price: $3.63

Top 2: iPhone MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charger
Price: $15.38

Top 3: For iphone 12 series Earpods Wired Headphones with Lightning Connector
Price: Apple Original $16.5; Original IC $9.7

( can calling and listening music)

Top 4: Airpods Apple Bluetooth Headset´╝łwith Logo package)
Price: $23.5

Top 5: iPhone 12 series Liquid Silicone Four Sided All-clad Protective Case with package (with logo)
Price: $6.8

Top 6: Apple iPhone 12 series Christmas Series Glass + TPU Protective Case
Price: $1.95

Top 7: 9D full screen tempered glass for iPhone 12 series with package
Price: $1.85

The needs of iPhone 12 accessory is bigger and bigger now. It's good time to grap this business chance, the more you buy, the more business you will get :)  

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